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ISQOLS Monthly Member Highlight

 Each month, ISQOLS will highlight one of its outstanding members.  

The December 2015 Member Highlight is Claire Wallace! 

Claire Wallace, Professor of Sociology at University of Aberdeen, explains her research as it relates to Quality-of-Life studies and how her involvement in ISQOLS has impacted her career. 

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ISQOLS Oral Histories Spotlight is proud to feature several Oral History videos Of Prominent Quality of Life Researchers. The oral history videos are a great resource for exploring and understanding quality of life among different cultures and through different academic lenses. 


This month's highlighted video is of ALEX C. MICHALOSClick here to see a full list of videos on


Applied Research in Quality of Life

The Official Journal of the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies

Did you read all of the articles published in ARQOL in 2015? A full list can be found HERE and all articles can be easily downloaded online. 

2015 ARQOL Articles: 

• Who are your Neighbors? Neighbor Relationships and Subjective Well-Being in Japan

• Parents, Siblings, or Friends? Exploring Life Satisfaction among Early Adolescents

• From Spontaneous to Planned Urban Development and Quality of Life: the Case of Ho Chi Minh City

• Speech and Language Difficulties Along with Other Child and Family Factors Associated with Health Related Quality of Life of Australian Children

• Erratum to: Multi-Criteria Decision Making to Measure Quality of Life: An Integrated Approach for Implementation in the Urban Area of Thessaloniki, Greece

• Norbert Schwarz: A Pioneer in Social Indicators and Quality of Life Research

• The Story Behind the Place: Creating Urban Spaces That Enhance Quality of Life

• Hazel Henderson: A Pioneer in Social Indicators and Quality of Life Research

• Ronald Anderson (ed): World Suffering and Quality of Life

• How Do Leisure Activities Impact on Life Satisfaction? Evidence for German People with Disabilities

• The Needs for Quality Urban Rail Transit Life in Asian Metropolitan Cities

• Perceived Capabilities as an Aggregated Indicator for Well-Being

• Happiness from Giving: Quantitative Investigation of Thai Buddhists

• Sensation-Seeking and Risk-Taking Behaviors: A Study on Young Iranian Adults

• Economic and Social Consequences of Population Aging the Dilemmas and Opportunities in the Twenty-First Century

• Parental Emotional Support and Adolescent Happiness: Mediating Roles of Self-Esteem and Emotional Intelligence

• Multi-Criteria Decision Making to Measure Quality of Life: An Integrated Approach for Implementation in the Urban Area of Thessaloniki, Greece

• Tourism Experience at Destination and Quality of Life Enhancement: a Case for Comprehensive Congruity Model

• The Influence of Coping Strategies on Quality of Life from a Gender Perspective


Quality-of-Life Related News, Links, Resources

FREE BOOK Available to ISQOLS Members

A book in Spanish about health and quality of life in institutionalized older adults with dementia, titled “Salud y calidad de vida de personas mayores con demencia institucionalizada” was recently published by the Institute of Health Carlos III, Spain. This work is edited by M. João Forjaz and Carmen Rodriguez-Blazquez, and is feely available at the following website:

This book describes the results of a study performed by a multidisciplinary research team, with the participation of professionals interested in studying the quality of life of older adults from a global and multidimensional perspective. It presents also conclusions and recommendations that may help managers of social and health services to design and implement intervention programs aimed at increasing the health state, functioning and quality of life of older adults with dementia. 


Invitation to participate in the Quality of Life/Health/Well-Being track of the 41st Annual Macromarketing Conference (13-15 July, 2016; Trinity College; Dublin, Ireland)

Track Chairs:
Joe Sirgy, Virginia Tech,
Alexandra Ganglmair-Wooliscroft, University of Otago,

Marketing studies that involve major constructs related to quality of life, well-being, health, life satisfaction, happiness, eudaimonia, welfare, and/or wellness may qualify for inclusion in this track.


For more information about this upcoming conference visit the conference website at


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