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December 2017 Membership Highlight:

Mariano Rojas

ISQOLS President, 2017-2018

"ISQOLS is a great Society and I feel honored of serving it as President for the period 2017-2018. ISQOLS gathers researchers and practitioners interested in promoting quality of life, well-being, and happiness around the world."

Click here to read President Rojas' entire letter to the ISQOLS community.

For more on Mariano Rojas' work in Quality-of-Life studies, please watch this video interview.



Congratulations to the new ISQOLS Board of Directors, for the term of 2017-2018:


Andrew Clark, Anna Lau, Carol Graham, Christian Suter, Daniel Shek, Denis Huschka, Don Rhatz, Ferran Casas, Francesco Sarracino, Giampaolo Nuvolati, Graciela Tonon, Habib Tilioune, Jan Delhey, Javier Martinez, Jeroen Boelhouwer, Jorge Guardiola, Joseph Sirgy, Kai Ludwigs, Katarzyna Wac, Mahar Mangahas, Martijn Burger, Ming-Chang Tsai, Patsy Kraeger, Peter Krause, Ron Anderson, Ruut Veenhoven, Scott Cloutier, Stepanie Rossouw, Wolfgang Glatzer, Youngwha Kee.

(We will highlight each of these members over the next year.)

Also, congratulations to President Elect (President for 2019-2020): Liz Eckermann!

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Innsbruck, Austria

September 28th-30th, 2017




ISQOLS welcomes guest bloggers to write on topics related to Quality-of-Life, Happiness, and Well-being research! Blog articles will be posted to the isqols.org website.

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Quality-of-Life Related News, Links, Resources


Community Quality-of-Life and Well-Being: CALL FOR PAPERS

Community Quality of Life and WellBeing Editor: Phillips, Rhonda

Publish your next book in this series! Community Quality of Life and Well-being book series is a collection of volumes related to community level research, providing community and regional well-being innovative research and application. 

Research on issues such as societal happiness, quality of life domains in the policy construct, measuring and gauging progress, dimensions planning and community development, and related topics are anticipated.

The Editor welcomes proposals for both edited volumes and authored monographs contributions on topics such as:  Quality of Life in Communities,  Societal Happiness,  Social Health and Well-Being, Life Satisfaction in various life domains, Well-Being Theories and Applications, Quality of Life for Policy Development,  Measuring and Gauging Quality of Life, Dimensions of Planning and Community Development, Indicators of Well-Being, Overall Community Well-Being We look forward to receiving your book proposal

Please contact Series Editor Rhonda Phillips: rphillips@purdue.edu

For more information about the series: http://www.springer.com/series/13761


Quality of Life Research. Volume 26 Number 1 is now available online.


Social Indicators Research. Volume 130 Number 1 and Volume 130 Number 2 are both now available online.