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ISQOLS 2017 Annual Conference in Innsbruck, Austria


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We invite you to join our first ever ISQOLS Webinar!

APRIL 18th, 2017

10:00 AM, Pacific Standard Time



"Let's Link Community Driven Happiness Data and the Happiness Policy in Government"

You are invited to attend a short webinar (20 min) live or view online ISQOLS first webinar! We kick this off with speakers Laura Musikanski, Executive Director of the Happiness Alliance and Scott Cloutier, Professor at ASU and board director of ISQOLS and the Happiness Alliance and moderator Jill Johnson, Executive Director of ISQOLS. The discussion will cover the community driven subjective well-being data collected by the Happiness Alliance since 2011, and examples of how happiness data has and can inform public policy, drawing from Bhutan, Dubai (where Laura was a participant in the Dialogue for Global Happiness convened by the United Arab Emirates Minister of Happiness) and the UK.  The intent and hope of the webinar is to inspire and invite examples of how QOL data has or could inform public policy, with the goal of sharing information to further the beyond GDP/happiness/well-being movement.

Presented by:

Laura Musikanski, Executive Director the Happiness Alliance (happycounts.org), and Dr. Scott Cloutier, an Assistant Research Professor and Senior Sustainability Scientist within the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability.


To register, email: office@isqols.org


March 2017 Membership Highlight: Patsy Kraeger

 ISQOLS Board of Directors Member

ISQOLS Executive Committee; Co-Vice President of Publicity/Membership

Professor, Georgia Southern University

"ISQOLS is a welcoming organization that offers collegiality, mentorship and opportunities for research collaboration as you all know."

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ISQOLS Monthly Guest Blog:

"The Beauty of Cultural Diversity"


by ISQOLS member, Tithi Bhatnagar

"..along with individual differences, it is these cultural variations that make life beautiful and meaningful."

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ISQOLS welcomes guest bloggers to write on topics related to Quality-of-Life, Happiness, and Well-being research! Blog articles will be posted to the isqols.org website.

Please read guidelines, requirements, and submission instructions here.


Applied Research in Quality Of Life (ARQOL) is the official journal for ISQOLS!

ARQOL Volume 12 Number 1 is available online!

Click on any of the articles below to access the full summary and details:

• Predictors of Quality of Life among Ethnically Diverse Breast Cancer Survivors (Ellen G. Levine, Grace J. Yoo, Caryn Aviv)

• More Education, More Purpose in Life? A Comparison of Purpose Across Adults with Different Levels of Education (Rachel Sumner)

• Quality of Life Predicts Survival and Hospitalisation in a Heart Failure Portuguese Population (Sónia Ramos, Joana Prata, Francisco Rocha-Gonçalves)

• The Virtual Reality Leisure Activities Experience on Elderly People (Mei-Yuan Jeng, Fan-Yun Pai, Tsu-Ming Yeh)

• Altruism and Existential Well-Being (Juan Xi, Matthew Lee, William LeSuer, Peter Barr)

• Well-Being in Group-Based Exercise Classes: Do Psychological Need Fulfillment and Interpersonal Supports Matter? (Diane E. Mack, Katie E. Gunnell, Philip M. Wilson)

• Job Satisfaction of Wage and Self-Employed Workers. Do Job Preferences Make a Difference? (Begoña Cueto, Gabriel Pruneda)

• Does Drinking in Moderation Lead to Higher Life Satisfaction? (Masanori Kuroki)

• Leisure Activities and Life Satisfaction: an Analysis with German Panel Data (Claudia Schmiedeberg, Jette Schröder)

• Do Good Job Conditions Matter for Wages and Productivity? Theory and Evidence from Latin America (Juan Chaparro, Eduardo Lora)

• Telehealth and Sustainable Improvements to Quality of Life (Fuhmei Wang, Jung-Der Wang)

• Gender Differences in the Relationship Between Domain-Specific and General Life Satisfaction: A Study in Iran and Serbia (Veljko Jovanović, Mohsen Joshanloo, Dragan Đunda)

• Towards a Benefits Theory of Leisure Well-Being (M. Joseph Sirgy, Muzaffer Uysal, Stefan Kruger)

• Review of the Book Cultures of Wellbeing - Methods, Place, Policy  (Walter N. Toscano)

• Aurelio Peccei: Industrialist, Humanist and Quality of Life Scholar (1908–1984) (Richard J. Estes)

• Donella H. “Dana” Meadows: a Designer of Systems for Advancing Quality of Life (1941–2001) (Richard J. Estes)



Congratulations to ISQOLS member, Carol Graham, on the publication of her new book, "Happiness for All?
Unequal Hopes and Lives in Pursuit of the American Dream"

Happiness for All? highlights the importance of well-being measures in identifying and monitoring trends in life satisfaction and optimism—and misery and despair—and demonstrates how hope and happiness can lead to improved economic outcomes.



Quality-of-Life Related News, Links, Resources


Child Indicators Research. Volume 10 Number 1 is now available online.


Social Indicators Research

Social Indicators Research. Volume 131 Number 2 is now available online

• Volume 68: Diversity in Survey Questions on the Same Topic by Tineke de Jonge, Ruut Veenhoven, Wim Kalmijn

• Volume 67: Alleviating World Suffering by Ronald E. Anderson



Journal of Happiness Studies. Volume 18 Number 1 is now available online.


Quality of Life Research. Volume 26 Number 4 is now available online.


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