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Applied Research in Quality of Life

ISQOLS Official Journal

Volume 12, Issue 2, June 2017

Online articles available now!
Special Section on Subjective Well-Being in Diverse Populations in the United States (pp. 237–302)
Issue Editors:Ron D. Hays
ISSN: 1871-2584 (Print) 1871-2576 (Online)

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• Methodological Issues in Measuring Subjective Well-Being and Quality-of-Life: Applications to Assessment of Affect in Older, Chronically and Cognitively Impaired, Ethnically Diverse Groups Using the Feeling Tone Questionnaire (Jeanne A. TeresiKatja Ocepek-Welikson)

• The Relationships among Socio-Demographics, Perceived Health, and Happiness (Robert Weech-MaldonadoMichael J. Miller)

• Marital Status Transitions and Self-Reported Health among Canadians: A Life Course Perspective (Sara Zella)

• Political Participation and Wellbeing in the Netherlands: Exploring the Causal Links (André Pirralha)

• Development and Validation of the Social Emotional Health Survey–Higher Education Version (Michael J. FurlongSukkyung YouMark Shishim)

• Well-Being During Recession in the UK (David BaylissWendy OlsenPierre Walthery)

• The Impact of Personal and Environmental Characteristics on Quality of Life of People with Intellectual Disability (Cristina SimõesSofia Santos )

• Exploring the Relationship between Quality of Life (EQ-5D) and Clinical Measures in Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (Attila J. PulayIstván BitterSzilvia Papp)

• Self-Objectification and Self-Sexualization Behavior within Consumer Culture (Meysam H. BarzokiLeila MohtashamMahshid Shahidi)

• Understanding Dispositional Hope in General and Clinical Populations (Macarena EspinozaGuadalupe Molinari)

• Acculturation of Immigrant Latinos into the U.S. Workplace: Evidence from the Working Hours-life Satisfaction Relationship (Rubia R. ValenteBrian J. L. Berry)

• Everyday Understandings of Happiness, Good Life, and Satisfaction: Three Different Facets of Well-being (Erik CarlquistPål UllebergAntonella Delle Fave

• A Pioneer from India in Research on Quality of Life, Human Wellbeing and Social Indicators of Development (Krishna Basu Mazumdar)

• Measuring the Subjective Well-Being of Diverse Populations in the U.S. (Lisbeth Nielsen)


May 2017 Member Highlight: Francesco Sarracino

ISQOLS Executive Committee: Co-Vice President of Academic Affairs

ISQOLS Board of Directors Member


"I feel that ISQOLS has played a considerable role for the advancement of my career, both directly and indirectly. Directly, because ISQOLS offers an ideal environment to grow up, to share ideas and to receive comments, and to meet new people and tendencies. Indirectly, because the activities of ISQOLS and of its members helped to make quality of life studies relevant."

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Congratulations to ISQOLS Members, Tineke de Jonge and Ruut Veenhoven, on the publication of their new book (co-written with Wim Kalmijn):

Diversity in Survey Questions on the Same Topic: Techniques for Improving Comparability Authors

This book describes why conventional methods fall short to solve the comparability problem and introduces three successive innovations to overcome these shortcomings. Published by Springer, Social Indicators Research Series, Volume 68 2017



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Social Indicators Research. Volume 132 Number 1 AND Volume 132 Number 2 is now available online.

Volume 69: Understanding and Investigating Response Processes in Validation Research by Bruno D. Zumbo, Anita M. Hubley is now available on the SpringerLink web site at


Journal of Happiness Studies. Volume 18 Number 3 is now available online.


Quality of Life Research. Volume 26 Number 6 is now available online.


Child Indicators Research. Volume 10 Number 2 is now available online.


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