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Heartificial Intelligence - the Intersection of Emerging Technology Beyond GDP

July 12, 2017 , 10 am, Pacific Standard Time


The algorithms powering autonomous systems and Artificial Intelligence are driving the future of society.  Imbued within our cars, companion robots and smart cities, we are becoming a culture of code. The risks and benefits regarding these technologies are largely evaluated through the lens of GDP-focused, exponential growth.

But when robots and algorithms diminish individual agency by making decisions on our behalf, when the liability of their actions becomes too complex to assess or when Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics are transforming our jobs, we must question if this will increase or decrease our well-being.  Humans can’t thrive unless metrics prioritizing positive mental and emotional health are elevated as key indicators of a flourishing society.

Heartificial Intelligence - the Intersection of Emerging Technology Beyond GDP features John C. Havens, Executive Director of The IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems who will describe initial efforts to introduce Beyond GDP metrics into the AI community in an effort to prioritize human wellbeing for the creation and proliferation of these technologies.  The goal of The IEEE Global Initiative's work is to invite cross-disciplinary research between technologists, engineers, and the Wellbeing / Happiness community to advance AI and robotics in a way that redefines innovation with a focus on flourishing versus exponential growth.

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Please participate! Survey on Agenda for the Future of Social Indicators/Quality of Life Research


Alex C. Michalos and Kenneth C. Land

In “Fifty years after the social indicators movement: Has the promise been fulfilled? An assessment and an agenda for the future”, Land and Michalos (2017) reviewed the history of the movement and made some recommendations for work in the future. Filomena Maggino circulated the paper for comments from several colleagues and friends, and papers from 20 of them were published in Social Indicators Research with “Replies to our Commentators” by Michalos and Land. The 20 comment papers came from Ferran Casas, Scott Huebner, Robert Cummins, Valerie Møller, Heinz-Herbert Noll, Christian Suter, Ming-Chang Tsai, Daniel Shek, Florence Wu, Wolfgang Glatzer, Enrico di Bella, Lucia Leporatti, Filomena Maggino, John Helliwell, Ruut Veenhoven, Jeroen Boelhouwer, Mariano Rojas, Chris Barrington-Leigh, Alice Escande and Linda Laura Sabbadini.

At the end of our replies, we listed 28 recommendations for future research drawn from all these scholars. As a final step in this exercise, we thought it would be helpful to circulate a short questionnaire among current scholars in the field to rate the recommendations and to elicit some that we may have missed. Hopefully, the ratings will provide researchers with some priority topics for future exploration.

The questionnaire will only take about 10 minutes of your time. Please rate each recommendation on a five-response scale from unimportant (1), below average importance (2), average importance (3), above average importance (4), very important (5). In case we missed something, finally write in specific others.

We appreciate and thank you for your help.

To access the survey, click here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3HZ6H2Y

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Congratulations to the ISQOLS Journal: the Applied Research in Quality of Life!

The Impact Factors for ARQOL increased from 0.894 in 2015 to 1.286 in 2016. The journal ranks 34/96 in Social Sciences Interdisciplinary (Q2)).

Congrats to the editorial board and reviewers!

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June 2017 Member Highlight: Habib Tiliouine

ISQOLS Executive Committee: Co-Vice President of External Affairs

ISQOLS Board of Directors Member

Head of Laboratory of Educational Processes & Social Context (Labo-PECS),

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oran2, ALGERIA


"ISQOLS played and continue to play a major role in my personal and professional life!"

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*New Published Book*: New Dimensions in Community Well-Being

Congrats to ISQOLS members Patsy Kraeger, Scott Cloutier, Craig Talmage (Eds.) on the publication of their new book: New Dimensions in Community Well-Being

Series: Community Quality-of-Life and Well-Being

• Addresses new innovations in quality of life and well-being from the perspectives of the individual, society and community

• Reflects the broad interdisciplinary nature of quality of life assessment and research

• Represents community and national level work with international best practices

• This volume addresses new innovations in quality of life and well-being from the perspectives of the individual, society and community

• It aggregates the perspectives, research questions, methods and results that consider how quality of life is influenced in our modern society

• Chapters in this volume present theoretical and practical examples on different aspects of quality of life and community well-being representing American, European, Native American and African perspectives

• This volume is of interest to scholars in sociology, psychology, economy, philosophy, health research as well as practitioners across the social sciences.

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This book is one of the first in our newly revised series by ISQOLS and Springer, Community Quality of Life and Well-Being (http://www.springer.com/series/13761).

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Quality-of-Life Related News, Links, Resources


 Quality of Life Research. Volume 26 Number 7 is now available online.


*NEW JOURNAL ANNOUNCEMENT* International Journal of Applied Positive Psychology

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