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ISQOLS' JOURNAL: Applied Research in Quality of Life (ARQOL) ISSUE ALERT: Volume 12 Number 3

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How Does Physical Activity Make You Feel Better? The Mediational Role of Perceived Health (Fernando Lera-LópezAndrea Ollo-López)

The Relation between Religion and Well-Being (Adam B. Cohen)

Workplace Support and Life Satisfaction: the Mediating Roles of Work-to-Family Conflict and Mental Health (Deniz YucelKrista Lynn Minnotte)

Work-To-Family Conflict and Life Satisfaction: the Moderating Role of Type of Employment (Deniz Yucel)

Stress and Self-Esteem Mediate the Relationships between Different Categories of Perfectionism and Life Satisfaction (Lingyu ChenMingtian ZhongXiyu CaoXinhu Jin)

The Relationship between Perceived Underemployment and Wellbeing: Evidence from Mid-Size Canadian Cities (Margo HilbrechtBryan SmaleSteven E. Mock)

Neighborhoods, Family Functioning, and Mothers’ Mental Health for Families with a Child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (Andrew L. Whitehead)

Quality of Life as Event Legacy: an Evaluation of Liverpool as the 2008 European Capital of Culture (Yi-De Liu)

Leisure Consumption and well-Being among Older Adults: Does Age or Life Situation Matter? (Tiia KekäläinenTerhi-Anna WilskaKatja Kokko)

Impact of Islamic Work Ethics on Organisational Citizenship Behaviours among Female Academic Staff: the Mediating Role of Employee Engagement (Uzma TufailMuhammad Shakil AhmadT. Ramayah)

Comorbid Social Phobia and Major Depressive Disorder: the Influence of Remission from Depression on Quality of Life and Functioning (Alexander Joseph SteinerStephanie Marie Wright)

Measuring Child and Maternal Health in Developing Countries: A Proposal of New Hybrid MDG Composite Indices (Mariano LuqueSalvador Pérez-MorenoJosé A. Robles)

Tak Yan Lee, Daniel T.L. Shek, Rachel C.F. Sun (ed): Student Well-Being in Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong: Theory, Intervention, and Research (John A. Yozwiak)

Student Well-Being in Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong: Theory, Intervention and Research (Aymen WahabKi Woong ChoMuhammad Shakil Ahmad)

Social Progress in Islamic Societies: A Review (Alex C. Michalos)

Ronald E. Anderson: A Pioneer in Suffering as Negative Quality of Life (Ronald E. Anderson)


August 2017 Member Highlight: Javier Martínez

Assistant Professor at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and Geo-Information Management, Faculty ITC, University of Twente. The Netherlands.

ISQOLS Vice President of Publications

ISQOLS Board of Directors Member

"The involvement in ISQOLS gave me the opportunity to collaborate with other researchers, embark in joint publications, education, and research partnerships."

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Please participate! Survey on Agenda for the Future of Social Indicators/Quality of Life Research

Alex C. Michalos and Kenneth C. Land

In “Fifty years after the social indicators movement: Has the promise been fulfilled? An assessment and an agenda for the future”, Land and Michalos (2017) reviewed the history of the movement and made some recommendations for work in the future. Filomena Maggino circulated the paper for comments from several colleagues and friends, and papers from 20 of them were published in Social Indicators Research with “Replies to our Commentators” by Michalos and Land. The 20 comment papers came from Ferran Casas, Scott Huebner, Robert Cummins, Valerie Møller, Heinz-Herbert Noll, Christian Suter, Ming-Chang Tsai, Daniel Shek, Florence Wu, Wolfgang Glatzer, Enrico di Bella, Lucia Leporatti, Filomena Maggino, John Helliwell, Ruut Veenhoven, Jeroen Boelhouwer, Mariano Rojas, Chris Barrington-Leigh, Alice Escande and Linda Laura Sabbadini.

At the end of our replies, we listed 28 recommendations for future research drawn from all these scholars. As a final step in this exercise, we thought it would be helpful to circulate a short questionnaire among current scholars in the field to rate the recommendations and to elicit some that we may have missed. Hopefully, the ratings will provide researchers with some priority topics for future exploration.

The questionnaire will only take about 10 minutes of your time. Please rate each recommendation on a five-response scale from unimportant (1), below average importance (2), average importance (3), above average importance (4), very important (5). In case we missed something, finally write in specific others.

We appreciate and thank you for your help.

To access the survey, click here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3HZ6H2Y

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Quality-of-Life Related News, Links, Resources


Volume 70: Complexity in Society: From Indicators Construction to their Synthesis by Filomena Maggino is now available on the SpringerLink web site at

What makes people happy? The journal *International Review of Economics* just published a special issue on the many aspects of happiness. *We invite you to read this issue for free until end of August.*


Child Indicators Research. Volume 10 Number 3 is now available online.


Journal of Happiness Studies. Volume 18 Number 4 is now available online.


Quality of Life Research. Volume 26 Number 9




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