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Through several awards, ISQOLS honors individual QOL researchers and practitioners who have made contributions to QOL research and/or to the field.

The ISQOLS Awards 2016 presented at the awards ceremony in Seoul, South Korea were:

Betterment for the Human Condition Award: Halloran Philanthropies

For Substantial Contributions to the Use of Quality of Life Research in Developing and Implementing Programs to Enhance Human Well-Being Worldwide

Halloran Philanthropies

Halloran Philanthropies

  • Harry and Kay Halloran, founders and chairs of Halloran Philanthropy
  • Joseph "Tony" Carr, President, Halloran Philanthropies
  • Audrey Selian, Senior Development Officer, Halloran Philanthropies



Rhonda Phillips and Graciela Tonon

Rhonda Phillips and Graciela Tonon



Distinguished Service Award:Graciela Tonon

Distinguished Service Award: Rhonda Phillips

Research Fellow Award: Prof. Jan Delhey

Applied Research in Quality of Life Best Paper Award of 2015  "Well-Being Distribution in the Globalization Era: 30 Years of Convergence, Vol 10(1), 123-140." Vanesa Jordá, José María Sarabia


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