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Best Annual SIR Paper Award

The basic requirement for eligibility for the Best Social Indicators Research Paper Award is selection of the best paper in the last year of SIR. This process is determined by requesting that the SIR Editor-in-Chief (in consultation with SIR Editorial Review Board) nominate one potential paper for the award. The nomination has to be approved by a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors (with at least 25% of the Directors voting). 2014: Rishan Teklay Berhe, Javier Martinez and Jeroen Verplanke 2013: Valerie Møller 2012: Richard E. Lucas, M. Brent Donnellan 2011: Martin Binder and Alex Coad 2010: Jan Delhey 2009: Allison Williams, Peter Kitchen, James Randall, and Nazeem Muhajarine 2007: Max Haller and Markus Hadler 2006: Sarah O. Meadows and Kenneth C. Land, and Vicki L. Lamb 2004: R.A. Cummins, R.Eckersley, J.Pallant, J.Van Vugt and R. Misajan 2003: Ed Diener and Robert Biswas-Diener 2001: Bruce Headey, Robert E. Goodin, Ruud Muffels, and Henk-Jan Dirven 2000: Ruut Veenhoven 1998: Wolfgang Glatzer and Mathias Boes 1997: Lawrence Schlemmer and Valerie Moller 1996: Richard Estes