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Best Dissertation Award

The basic requirement for eligibility for the Best Dissertation Award is evidence of completion of a doctoral dissertation at a recognized university in the last two years of the application to that award. The dissertation topic has to be directly related to QOL research. Short versions of dissertations are submitted to the annual conference chairs, who in turn review the dissertations with the assistance of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs and an ad hoc review committee. The top-ranked dissertation is selected for the award.


2012: George Mackerron

2009: Melania Calestani

  • Honorable Mention: Adrian John Tomyn; Mehrdad Mazaheri

2007: Anke C. Zimmerman

  • Honorable Mention: Monica Gonzales

2006: Michael F. Steger

  • Honorable Mention: Ralph Kober; Cathy Rozel Franworth

2004: Karen Hwang

  • Honorable Mention: Marjan Drukker; Shannon Michele Suldo

2003: Peggy Schyns

  • Honorable Mention: Kyungmi Kim

2001: Eunkook M. Suh

  • Honorable Mention: Whitney Boling; Janet Davis Neal; Jiyeon Park; Ann P. Turnbull; Nansook Park

2000: Sirpa Sarlio-Lahteenkorva
1998: Barbara Ann Sherman
1997: Martha Kay Parker