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Distinguished QOL Researcher Award

The basic requirement for eligibility to be designated a Distinguished QOL Researcher shall be evidence of a lifetime and substantial contribution to QOL research. The designation of Distinguished QOL Research of ISQOLS is determined by a simple majority of the Board of Directors (with at least 25% of the Directors voting). Nominations for Distinguished QOL Researchers are made through the Nominating Committee.

2017: Daniel Shek

2016: Valerie Moller

2015: Wolfgang Glatzer

2014: Ferran Casas

2012: Enricoa Giovannini

2010: Kenneth Land

2009: Richard Estes

2007: Robert Cummins

2006: Richard Easterlin

2004: Wolfgang Zapf

2003: M. Joseph Sirgy

2001: Ruut Veenhoven

2000: Ed Diener

1998: Phil Converse

1997: Abbott Ferris

1996: Alex Michalos

1995: George Fisk