Sustaining Quality of Life across the GlobeThe XII. Quality of Life Conference


Free University Berlin, September 15 – 18, 2014

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Conference Program

For information on session and session times, please take a look at the following preliminary program:

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Sessions and Session Chairs


A Theoretical Foundations and Conceptual Applications
A.1 Social Quality and Quality of Life (Pamela Abbott)
A.2 The Contribution of History to QOL Research (Richard J. Estes)
A.3 Sustainability and Well-being: An Uneasy Union Toward Quality of Life (Filomena Maggino, Géraldine Thiry)
A.4 Can commitments to sustainability increase well-being? A Capability-based discussion (Felix Rauschmayer, Ortrud Lessmann, Jürgen Volkert)
A.5 Conceptual Applications for QoL-Research (Ming-Chang Tsai / Jeroen Boelhouwer)
B Empirical Applications – Domains, Events, and Life Cycle
B.1 International Wellbeing Group Symposium (Anna Lau, Bob Cummins)
B.2 Quality of Life of Persons with Disabilities (Isabella Bertmann, Vera Tillmann)
B.3 Life-course events and subjective wellbeing (Letizia Mencarini, Francesca Luppi)
B.4 Adolescent and Child subjective Well-being (Mònica González, Sara Malo)
B.5 Social Policies and Well-being in Later Life (Michael Eid, Clemens Tesch-Römer, Florian Kohlbacker)
B.6 Well-Being of the Elderly (Stefan Weick)
B.7 Gender and QoL (Hilke Brockmann)
B.8 Migration and QoL (Ingrid Tucci)
B.9 Health and QoL (Susanne Wurm)
C Indices, Measures, and Methods for QoL-Research
C.1 Happiness Tracking Tools (Ruut Veenhoven)
C.2 Statistical Applications for QoL-Research (Garciela Tonon)
C.3 Poverty and Multidimensional Deprivation (Mariano Rojas)
C.4 Multidimensional Indicators and Scales (Elena Grimaccia)
D Regional Perspectives and Cross-Country Comparisons
D.1 Community Well-being: Theories and Practice (Youngwha Kee, Seung Jong Lee , Rhonda Phillips)
D.2 Quality of Life in the EU enlargement countries (Tadas Leoncikas)
D.3 Well-Being in Africa: Past and Current Trends (Habib Tiliouine)
D.4 Social progress in Islamic Nations (Habib Tiliouine)
D.5 Regional and Cross-National Perspectives of Well-Being (Valerie Moller)
E Everyday Life Experiences, Policy Perspectives, and Global Trends
E.1 World Suffering and Quality-of-Life (Ron Anderson)
E.2 Mind the gap – (growing) inequalities in well-being (Jan Delhey, Hilke Brockmann)
E.3 Quality of Life as a universal framework for supporting people in vulnerable situations: in search of commnalities in the fields of intellectual disability, addiction and forensics (Kathy Colpaert)
E.4 Changing welfare and labour market systems – consequences for the quality of social life (Petra Böhnke)
E.5 Radical Islamic Militancy and Acts of Terrorism: A Quality-of-Life Analysis” (Richard J. Estes)
E.6 Human Beings, Natural Ressources, and Technical Applications (Jan Göbel)
E.7 Economic Well-Being and Family Background (Ronnie Schöb)