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June 23, 2014

Best Annual ARQOL Award 2013

We are pleased to inform you that the paper entitled Bonds, Bridges and Quality of Life in Small Towns” by Recker, Nicholas has won the Best Paper of 2013 Award for papers published in Applied Research in  Quality of Life.

The process leading to the selection was quite competitive and included all of the papers published in Volume 8 of the journal for 2013.

The award carries with it a certificate and a check for $500. The award will be formally presented in
Berlin at the global meeting of the International Society for Quality of Life Studies—the official sponsor
of the journal and the organization that conducted the competition (http://www.isqols.org/berlin2014/).

The meeting will be held from the 15th to 18th of September at the Free University of Berlin.


Congratulations on receiving this very prestigious award.



Richard J. Estes and Professor
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Applied Research in Quality of Life

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