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April 17, 2015

Call for Papers for a Special Issue of Applied Research in Quality of Life (ARQOL)

Call for Papers
Ageing and Quality of life in the context of family changes
Prospectus for a Special Issue of Applied Research in Quality of Life

Applied Research in Quality of Life, the official journal of the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies (ISQOLS), invites submissions for a special issue on Ageing and Quality of life in the context of family changes. The special issue is based on a V International Gerontology Colloquium 2014 organized by the  Faculty of Social Studies and Work that was held at the University of Malaga, November 20– 21, 2014.

However, submissions are also invited from authors who did not attend the workshop.

The process of population ageing is already a universal phenomenon (Ince, 2014; Leeson, 2013; 2014). Life expectancies at birth have increased all over the world. This development will generate an unprecedented increase of the group of centenarians (those of 100 years old and over). At the same time the numbers of the family members are reducing. In this context this special issue seek to contribute to the reflection about the socio-demographic, institutional, economic and psychological effects in the context of the family changes and it relations with the quality of life of the individuals (not only the old adults but those at any stage of life).
The ageing process involves an increase in the vulnerability of the people due to their greater physical and psychological fragility. The changes involving aging not only affect the individual but the society as a whole. In this sense the interest in the study of ageing and the quality of life takes on a special dimension when it brings us to reflect on the role of the family members in this process, and even more when this crucial institution (the family) is experiencing important changes all over the world. Despite the importance of this topic there are few studies addressing this theme.

This edition will try to offer a reflection of both dimensions the subjective and the objective ones taking into account the role that the members of the family play in the quality of life of the elderly. This issue pretends to contribute to a better knowledge of the older adult quality of life from a multidimensional dimension (demographic, urban development, sociological, psychological, economical, health) without forgetting the interest that an introspective reflection approach will add to a better knowledge of the life of older adults. A special attention to the role of the family members in the generation of well-being and quality of life in the socioeconomic context of the welfare states crisis.

Therefore, the main objective of this monograph is to explore the different dimensions of well-being and quality of life of older people from a interdisciplinary and inter-regional perspective.  This analysis examines the association between health, family relationships, household type, social policies, welfare regime and quality of life and well-being in different territorial contexts.

Organization of the Special Issue

Consequently, the special issue of Applied Research in Quality of Life will feature articles on these topics:

1) The development of a theoretical framework on population ageing, family changes and QOL of older people.

2) The development of indicators that address specific situations associated with QOL in older people.

3) The development of methodologies that allow to analyze specific problems of older people associated with QOL in different countries.

4) The development of comparative evidence of how public policies and welfare regime could be enhanced by QOL of older people

5) The development of approaches to study how family networks and family changes  affect the QOL of older people in different contexts.

6) The development of empirical and theoretical approaches to study the involved factors in QOL of older people such as demographic change, urban development, family and societal context,  psychological status,  social and care policies, economical situation, health status.

Authors interested in submitting a manuscript should submit full paper to review, according to the timetable outlined below.

Specifications and Timeline
Submission full paper deadline:  June 15, 2015

Submission guidelines: maximum of 30 double-spaced pages in 12-point. Times New Roman font, formatted in APA style

Reviewer feedback: October 15, 2015

Revisions: December 15, 2015

Completion and transmission of special issue for production and further processing: January 2016

Please send submissions for final papers to: ageingqol@gmail.com

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