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August 13, 2012

Call for submissions to a special issue of Social Indicators Research

Manufacturing Happiness: Work, Employment and Well-being in Asia?Comparative Perspectives

Contemporary Asia continue to move forward in upgrading technologies, and some countries have arrived at a ?post-industrial? phase that the value-added productions depend on innovation rather than manufacturing activities. Yet Asia indeed is a diverse region in terms of wealth, productive regime, and well-being. Japan is characterized by its achievements in high technology as well as enviable quality of life. In China, a substantial proportion of companies, domestic or foreign, adopt management techniques that have operated against the well-being of numerous employees. A vast group of workers in India?s fast growing industries are largely separated from the benefits of economic growth and therefore are not able to access a decent standard of living. The Southeast Asian countries are currently gaining a growth momentum from foreign investments, and corporate life seems to be promising a better career and life chances for the middle sector of these societies. Given these divergent paths of social and technological changes, how Asia societies are ?manufacturing? happiness among people across sexes, ages, classes or other social categories is an important phenomenon for quality of life researchers to explore.

This special issue particularly stresses the domain of work?how life opportunities, dignity and well-being in broad sense are enhanced or impacted by work ethic, career patterns, shopfloor experiences, team collaborations, factory regimes, corporate management, labor market institutions, etc. Most welcome are submissions that conduct a comparative study of critical cases or large populations either across Asian countries or between Asia and other regions.

Please send your proposal of intent (no more than 1000 words) to the quest editor Ming-Chang Tsai (National Taipei University, Taiwan; mtsai@mail.ntpu.edu.tw) by December 1, 2012; Once a proposal is accepted, the final manuscript is due by May 30, 2013.

Manuscripts are subject to review before acceptance to publish in a special issue of Social Indicators Research. For further information about this journal published by the Springer, please visit: http://www.springer.com/social+sciences/journal/11205.

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