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May 27, 2016

Human Needs: Overview Entry Published Open Access

A member of ISQLS, Michael A. Dover, a social worker and sociologist at Cleveland State University, has published Human needs: Overview, as an open access entry in the Encyclopedia of Social Work (Online edition), Edited by Cynthia Franklin. New York: Oxford University Press and National Association of Social Workers. It is available via a search for Human Needs Overview, Encyclopedia of Social Work. This 14,000 word peer-reviewed entry provides a comprehensive overview of theories of human need. Following an introduction, the entry includes sections on: History of Theories of Human Need in Social Work (Charlotte Towle; David Gil); Needs Theory in Social Work's Interdisciplinary Foundation; The theory of human need (Doyal and Gough, THN); Self-Determination Theory (Deci and Ryan, SDT); Comparing SDT and THN; Conceptual Issues for theorizing human need in relation to human well-being, subjective and objective quality of life, human spirituality, wants and desires, postmodernist critiques, universality or relativity, harm, strengths/deficits, capabilities; Human needs and social work education, policy, practice, activism, and ethics; Relationship of needs, rights, and justice; future directions.

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