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March 19, 2013

ISQOLS Vice President: Call 4 Vote

Dear ISQOLS members,

It’s that time again – time to exercise your ISQOLS voting rights and have your say!

After forming ISQOLS Board of Directors with your help, the new Executive Committee needs to be defined. Our President Filomena Maggino identified the Vice-Presidents for each field. In accordance with the ISQOLS by-laws (see our website), VPs need the approval of the general membership (majority vote).

The Vice-President proposals:

VP Academic Affairs: Giampaolo Nuvolati
VP External Affairs: Graciela Tonon
VP Finance: Mariano Rojas
VP Professional Affairs: Ferran Casas
VP Programs: Peter Krause
VP Publications: Laura Camfield
VPs Publicity/Membership: Ming-Chang Tsai  and Jose de Jesus Garcia

All these colleagues are members of the Board-of-Directors (2013-14) and most of them previously already served as members of the Executive Committee.

As an ISQOLS member, you have a say in who represents and gouverns ISQOLS - please cast your vote here [extern link]



Your ISQOLS team

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