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January 5, 2015

Mindfulness Retreat for Health Professionals

Health professionals are recognised as one of the most "at risk" groups for burnout - we are all so busy taking care of others and fostering our client's wellbeing that often we neglect our own.

To make the point, have you set up a burnout prevention plan for 2015? Something goal-focused and specific, rather than the usual vague "I'll get better balance in my life this year"?

The Institute for Applied Positive Psychology has two places still available for health professionals to join us on a 7-day Mindfulness Retreat to Norfolk Island (ex-Brisbane), specifically designed for busy health professionals to take time out for one week and plan self-care strategies for the coming year.

Full details are available on our website www.appliedpospsych.com or email Dr Kate Lemerle pospsych13@iinet.net.au

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