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October 1, 2012

What are you favourite pieces of research that have implications for organisations?

I am collecting "nuggets" of good research that is pertinent for promoting positive organisations. As many of you will know I founded the centre for well-being at the UK think tank New Economics Foundation - our work has included the Happy Planet Index, National Accounts of Well-being and Five Ways to Well-being. We are actively engaged with many internation groups on new measures of progress.

I am now thinking more about business and organisations as vehicles to promote positive change in people's quality of life - aligning personal, organisational and societal quality of life - both now and in the future.

Here are two of my current favourite pieces of research and I wondered if others would share with me theirs. I would be happy to collate and share back all those sent to me at nic.marks@neweconomics.org.

Research from Gallup showing that the effect from employee perceptions to future performance is TWICE as strong as the effect from performance to future employee perceptions. In other words - creating positive workplaces is a valid powerful business model to boost performance.
Source: Causal impact of employee perceptions on the bottom line of organisations; James Harter et al; Perspectives on psychological science 5(4); 2010

Research showing that stock analysts consistently underestimate the importance of organisations being a great place to work. This is startling really as the stock markets always say they want information to operate efficiently - the 100 great places to work is a list that is widely publicised - yet every year those companies outperform the market by 2-4% - with far more positive earnings shocks for example. Exposes a systematic bias against the importance of positive workplaces!
Source: "The link between Job Satisfaction and Firm Value" Alex Edmans; Academy of Management Perspectives 2012

Many thanks in advance,


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