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How to Study

Here is a suggested way to work through the course material. Adjust this to suit your individual needs. Look over the Table of Contents of the course manual to get an overview of the topics and sub-topics. Referring to the Table of Contents as you work through the material should help with your learning. Set a study schedule. Pacing yourself is important to learn a large amount of material.

For example, don’t try to learn all the material in one day. Break things up--perhaps one chapter every one to two days, for a total of ten days. Set a reasonable schedule that suits your individual needs, allowing plenty of time to master the concepts. After completing a chapter, review the learning objectives of the chapter. Read the Progress Check questions and try to answer them without looking at the answers. Only look at the answers to see whether you got them right. In other words, allow the Progress Check Answers to provide you with the kind of feedback that can enhance your learning. Before taking the exam, make one final pass over the five modules (chapters).

Again, review learning objectives. Again, review course material that relates to objectives (especially those that you are unsure). And again, review the Progress Check items to reinforce your learning.