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RJE Lecture

First Lecture in the Richard J. Estes Lecture Series on International and Comparative QoL Research, XI International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies Conference:

"Happiness, Growth, and Public Policy" by Richard A. Easterlin

A reprint of the article “Happiness, Growth, and Public Policy” by Richard A. Easterlin. In her Report in the November 2012 Issue of SINET on
the XI International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies Conference in Venice, Italy, November 1-4, 2012, ISQOLS President and Conference Chair Filomena Maggino noted that Richard Estes (past President of ISQOLS and Professor of Economics – University of Southern California, member of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a former Guggenheim Fellow, and past president of the Population Association of America, and the Economic History Association), made a generous contribution to ISQOLS to establish the “International and Comparative RJE lecture series on QOL Research” with a lecture in the series to be given at each ISQOLS global conference, and Professor Easterlin was invited to open the series in Venice. Maggino stated “The view at the beginning of the speech was extraordinary: the plenary room was completely full when Richard A. Easterlin started his lecture on Happiness, growth, and public policy – focused on the conference’s theme. The audience’s attention was particularly high and the thunderous applause was followed by an intense series of questions to the speaker.” Because of the historic signifi cance of this inaugural lecture in the RJE Series, because of its general interest to all QoL researchers, and with the permission of the Western Economic Association International, the full article on which the lecture was based is reprinted here.