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ISQOLS Census: Teaching Quality of Life

Dear Colleagues,
Welcome to the ISQOLS Census: Teaching Quality of Life

ISQOLS is an International Society with the aim to improve studies and research on Quality of Life.

As Vice-President of the Academic Affairs I also think that in order to improve this field it is very important to know and to take care of the teaching activities concerning quality of life, well-being and happiness that are delivered at different academic levels in different countries. Many of the members of our Society are also researchers or professors teaching in Universities. For this reason I think that this Census could be a very important step toward the creation of an international network for sharing teaching experiences, material, and also teaching exchanges.

The questionnaire is very short and it will take only few minutes of your time. Data collected will be inserted in a data-base continuously updated and available to everyone. The first findings of the ISQOLS Census: Teaching Quality of Life will be presented during the next ISQOLS 12th Conference 2014, Sep. 15–18, Free University of Berlin.

The initiative was proposed to, approved and strongly encouraged by Filomena Maggino (during her Presidency) and is now realized. Thanks to Rhonda Philips (ISQOLS President), Jose de Jesus Garcia Vega (ISQOLS Vice President of Publicity / Membership) and Joerg Wernitz (ISQOLS Office / Administration Assistant).
I strongly thank all of them for this.

I hope you will contribute to the success of the Census.
With my best regards

Giampaolo Nuvolati
ISQOLS Vice-President Academic Affairs