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Developments in Quality-of-Life Studies: Volume 3 Proceedings of the Third Conference of the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies


Edited by Ferran Casas, M. Joseph Sirgy, Don Rahtz, Alex Michalos, and Bruno Zumbo


Published by the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies, 2000


Table of Content


Track 1 - Environment and Sustainability


The Plastics Solid Waste Issue: A Content Analysis of Major Trade Publications

Judy Cohen, Rider University


The Relevance of the Technical Criteria for the Environmental Evaluation of the University Buildings

E. Rebolloso, B. Fernandez-Ramirez, C. Pozo, L. Hernandez, R. Penin, Universidad de Almeria


An Empirical Study of Costs and Advantages Associated with Corporate Environmental Management Performance

John P. Ulhoi, The Aahus School of Business


Track 2 - Human Rights, Social Exclusion and Social Welfare Policies


The Protection of Minorities in Plural Societies

Angel Lazaro Riol, Universitat de Girona


Bonded Labor and the Marketplace

Pierre McDonagh, Dublin Institute of Technology


Social Security between Compulsory Insurance and Self-Responsibility: Changing Welfare Policies and its Impact on the Quality of Life

Marion Moehle, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University


Consumption, Quality of Life and the Mobile Self: Refugees and Immigrants in Ireland

Paddy Dolan, Pierre McDonagh, Dublin Institute of Technology


Indicators of Community Social Quality

David Phillips, University of Sheffield, Yitzhak Berman, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Vienna


Analysis of Dimensions and Indicators to Improve Quality of Life in Special Education, Health and Rehabilitation

M.A. Verdugo, Universidad de Salamanca, R. Schalock, Hastings College-Nebraska


Quality of Life of Blind and Visually Disabled Persons

M.A. Verdugo, C. Caballo, A. Pelaez, G. Prieto, Universidad de Salamanca


Track 3 - Leisure and Tourism


We Want to Play Too: Institutional Barriers to Inclusive Recreation Service Delivery

Maria T. Allison, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ (USA)


The Postmodern Tourist: Is Everything Old New Again?

Judy Cohen, Rider University


Accessible Tourism, A Basic Tool to Improve the Quality of Life

Nuria Gali, Joaquim Majo, Escola Oficial de Tutisme de Catalunya-INSETUR-UdG


The Impact of Environmental Quality on Touristic Experience

Carme Reige-Garcia, Germa Coenders-Gallard, Anna Garriga-Ripoll, Universitat de Girona


The Quality of Touristic Experiences at the Costa Brava

Carme Saurina, Germa Coenders, Universitat de Girona (Spain)


Adolescent' Visits to Museums: What Kind, Where, When, Why (And So On!)

Vanda L. Zammuner, Silvia Dalla Zuanna, University of Padova


Non-Permanent Residents as Mediators for Cultural Tourism Development

Andreas H. Zins, University of Economics and Business Administration


Track 5 - Media and Quality of Life


Audio-Visual Media: Mediating Children's Social Relationships

F. Casas, C. Figur, C. Alsinet, M. Gonzalez, S. Pascual, Universitat de Girona, Univ. of Lleida


The Information Treatment of Immigration

Esther Gispert, Universitat de Girona


The Impact of Critical Thinking on Quality of Life

Lee L. Keener, Jr., University of Northern Briritsh Columbia


Social Psychological Aspects of a On-Line Based Self-Help Group for Alzheimer's Disease Patients and Caregivers

Isidro Maya Jariego, Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)


The Internet as a QOL Space

Leon Schiffman, Baruch College- CUNY, USA, Elaine Sherman, Hofstra University, USA


Track 6 - Economy, Consumption, New Technologies and Well-Being


Household Financial Wealth and Savings: 1980-1995

Pietat Busquets, Universitat de Girona


Reconsideration's of Quality of Life in a Globalizing, (Post) Modern World

A.      Fuat Firat, Arizona State University West


Welfare of Aging: An Empirical Analysis

Anna Garriga, Universitat de Girona


Quality of Life and Marketing in the "New and Improved" Deregulating US Electrical Energy Sector

Mark Peterson, University of Texas at Arlington


Day in Day out: Personal Satisfaction and Commitment to Things

Naomi Roslyn Waltz, Miami University


Health Care Technologies and the Quality of Life of Older People

Andrew Sixsmith, University of Liverpool


Optimal Management of Water Pollution Using a Land Classification System, Land use Taxes, Land use Permits and Zoning

Renan-Ulrich Goetz, Angels Xabadi, Universitat de Girona, David Zilberman, University of California at Berkeley


Internet Shopping and Consumers' Quality of Life: An Empirical Exploration

David Luna, Champman University (USA) Maria Dolores de Juan Vigaray, Universidad de Alicante (Spain)


Track 7 - Work and Quality of Life


Quality of Life of Filipino Working Women. The 1997 ISSP Survey

Linda Luz Guerrero, Filipines


The Regulation of Emotions, Life Satisfaction, and Burnout in Bank Service-Job Employees

Vanda L. Zammuner, University of Padova


Change and Status in Quality of Life (CASINQOL) in Northern Sweden in 1997/98: By Developmental Options and Appreciation Received Environmental and Demands at Work

J.O. Hornquist. B. Hansson, A. Hornquist, Mitthogskolan, Centre for Studies in Health and Quality of Life (CSL), (Sweden)


Invisible Workers and Their Quality of Life: A Case Study of Hispanic Meat Processing Plant Workers in Missouri

Anne Dannerbeck, Judith Davenport, Christina Case, Karina Galve-Peritore, Rex Campbell, University of Missouri


Job Satisfaction in the University Administrative Services

E. Rebolloso, B. Fernadez Ramirez, C. Pozo, R. Penin, S. Vivas Unidad de Calidad e Inversigacion de Evaluacion, Universidad de Almeria (Spain)

Lifework Quality in the Higher Education Teacher: A Pilot Study

E. Rebolloso, B. Fernandez-Ramirez, C. Pozo, A. Benzal, P. Canton, P. Unidad de Calidad e Investigacion de Evaluacion, Universidad de Almeria


The Effect that Different Methods of Employment Have Upon People with Intellectual Disabilities

R. Kober, I. Eggleton, Australia


A New Measure of Quality of Work Life (QWL) Based on Need Satisfaction and Spillover Theories

M. Joseph Sirgy, Virginia Tech

David Efraty, University Houston-Downtown

Phillip Siegel, Long Island University-C. W. Post

Dong-Jin Lee, Virginia Tech


Track 8 - Health and Quality of Life


Health and Other Aspects of the Quality of Life of Older People

Alex C. Michalos, Anita Hubley, Bruno D. Zumbo, Dawn Hemingway, University of Northern British Columbia


The Attributional Style (Related to Maintenance and Onset of the Illness) and this Relationship with the Dispositional Coping, Optimism and Physic Wellbeing

B.       Caparros, F. Vinas Poch, Universiatat de Girona


Development and Psychometric Evaluation of the Multidimensional Health Scale

Dianne Vella-Brodrick, Monash University, Victoria (Australia)


Quality of Life in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Margalida Gili-Planas, Miquel Roca-Bennasar, Victoria Ferrer-Perez, Antoni Obrador, Llucia Boned, Antonia Genovard, Universitat Illes Balears


Quality of Life and Driving: Predictors of Safety Seat Belt Use

M. Cunill, m.E. Gras, M. Planes, C. Oliveras, Universitat de Girona (Spain)


How much do we care for Each Other? Utility Interdependence and the Value of Health

Wim Groot, Maastricht University


Young Adolescents Perceptions of Health, Smoking and Other Health Risk Behaviours

Julie Sittlington, Jorun Rugkasa, Barbara Knox, University of Ulster


Comparative Study Quality of Life in an Elderly Sample from the City of Seville (Spain) and the City of Iquitos (Peru)

L.J. Calsoo Velazquez, L. Fernandez Lopez, M. Velazquez Clavijo, M. Villanueva Benites, E. Flores Torres, P.J. Perez Moreno Universidad de Seville, University of Nursery (National University of The Perucvian Amazon)


Is it Possible to Evaluate a Psychotherapeutic Treatment? An application of the Cost-Effectiveness Analysis to this Sanitary Ground in Which Degree is it possible to Evaluate the Results of on Psychotherapeutic Treatment? How could be proved, in a scientific way, the effectiveness of one intervention of this kind?

Roma Puiggermanal I Estival, Universitat Politecnica de Caralunya


Optimism, Exams Period Coping and Physic Wellbeing in a University Students Group

F. Vinas Poch, Institut de Recerca sobre Qualitat de Vida

C.       Caparros Caparros, Universitat de Girona


Quality of Life In-Patients with Gaucher's Disease Type l: Influence of Enzymatic Replacement Therapy

P. Giraldo, D. Rubio-Felix, J.I. Perez-Calvo, M. Giralt FEETEG. Zaragoza (Spain)


Track 9 - Socialization, Children's and Youth's Cultures, Children's Rights, and Quality of Life


Cross-Cultural Investigation of the Multidimensional Life Satisfaction Scale with Spanish Adolescents

Ferran Casas, Universitat de Girona

Carles Alsinetm Universitat de Lleida

Merce Rosich, Universitat de Barcelona

D.      Scott Huebner, James E. Laughlin, University of South Carolinia


The Circle Academy: A Positive Approach to Youth with Severe Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties

Carol Diener, Kathryn Kurlakowksy, Patricia Ege, University of Illinios


"Nothing To Do" and "Nowhere To Go": Youth Concerns and how Researchers and Professionals Can Help

Miriam Cohen-Navot, Khaled Abu-Asba, Sharon Amiel, Muna Khoury, JDC-Brookdale Inst. Jerusalem


Subjective Well-Being and Socially Risky Behaviors of Youngsters

Germa Coenders, Ferran Casas, Sergi Pascual, Universitat de Girona (Spain)


Children's View on Social Welfare

Lourdes Gaitan Munoz, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid


Measuring Trends in Child Well-Being in the United States, 1975-1998: Some Preliminary Findings

Kenneth C. Land, Vivki L. Lamb, Sarah K. Mustillo, Duke University


Youth Subcultures in the Netherlands and Their Changing Function for Social Identity

T. Krooshof, M. Prins, J. Janssen, University of Nijmegen (The Netherlands)


Perceived Control and Self-Esteem as Correlates of Subjective Quality-of-Life in Children

Karen Marriage, Robert Cummins, Deakin University


"Dirty Looks" and "Trampy Places" in Young People's Accounts of Community and Neighborhood: Implications for Quality of Life

Virginia Morrow, LSE Gender Institute, London


An Experience of Children's Participation in Their City Development

Anna Novella, Ignasi Vila, Universitat de Girona


Who is ?The Child' that Smokes?? Conceptualizations of Childhood and Children's Activities

Jorun Rugkasa, Julie Sittliington, Barbara Knox, University of Ulster


Children Quality of Life: Study of the Quality of Life of Children that Assist to a Community Fooding Service

Graciela Tonon, Universidad Nacional de la Matanza


Strategies and Expectations in Parents' Socialization of Children's Emotion Expression

Vanda Lucia Zammuner, Ada Cigala, Padua University


Adolescents' Diary Keeping: What Kind and Why

Vanda Lucia Zammuner, Giada Boschetto, University of Padova (Italy)


Political Participation of the Young People as a Socialization and Civil Integration

Ramo Llopis Goig, Univeridad de Valencia

David Llopis Goig, INFES-Merton


An Intervention Program to Promote the Quality of Life among Urban Minority Children in Athens, Greece

Anastasia Vafea, Myrto Lemouu, Anastasia Houndoumadi, Decree College


Track 10 - Happiness, Life Satisfaction, and Subjective Well Being


The Link between Economic Growth and Increased Subjective Well-Being: A Cultural Approach

Aaron Ahuvia, University of Michigan Dearborn


Socio-cultural Factors of Well-Being: A Meta Analysis of Affect Balance

Nekane Basabe, Dario Paez, Jose Valencia, Universidad del Pais Vasco

Bernard Rime, University of Louvain

James Pennebaker, University of Texas at Austin

Ed Diener, University of Illinois

Jose Luis Goonzalez, Universidad de Burgos


Subjective Well-Being as an Individual Experimental Construct: Improved Measurement by Anamnestic Comparative Self-Assessment (ACSA)

Jan Bernheim, Universiteit Brussel

Francis Heylighen, Center "Leo Apostel"

Matthias Rose, Charite-Humboldt Universitaet


Cross Cultural Subjective Well-Being: Studying SWB in India

Robert Biswas-Diener, Pacific University


Cultural Norms and Subjective Well-Being

Robert Biswas-Diener, Pacific University

Shige Oishi and Kristie Scallon, University of Illinois


The Impact of Insecurity on Quality of Life: A Theoretical and Methodological Exploration

Alan W. Black, Edith Cowan University


Modernity and Happiness ? The Case of Germany

Thomas Bulmahn, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (WZB)


Personal Wealth and Subjective Well-Being: More is Better

Robert A. Cummins, Deakin University


Measuring Global Progress Through Subjective Well-Being

Francis Heylighen, Center "Leo Apostal"


Happiness and Prosocial Behavior

Federico Javaloy, Alvaro Rodriguez C. Jose M. Cornejo

Esteve Espelt, Sergi Valera, Universitat de Barcelona


Altruism and Subjective Well-Being

James Konow, Loyola Marymount University


Subjective Well-Being as an Outcome of Quality of Residential Services for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Leena M. Matikka, The Finnish Association on Mental Retardation


Life Satisfaction from Youth to Early Adulthood

Heiner Meulemann, Universitat zu Koln


Perceptions of Quality of Life in the New South Africa and Subjective Well-Being

Valerie Moller, Rhodes University

Helga Dickow, Arnold Bergstraesser Institute


Substitution and Subjective Well-Being: Why do we Need New Measurement Instruments

Anna Petra Nieboer, Siewart Lindenberg, University of Groningen


The Social Psychology of Quality of Life: Toward an Integrated Theory of Happiness, Life Satisfaction, and Subjective Well-Being

M. Joseph Sirgy, Virginia Tech


Inequality in Life-Satisfaction across Nations

Ruut Veenhoven, University of Utrecht


Study About the Perceived Quality of Life of Uragan and Rural Elderly People in Two Communities of Ceara, Northwest of Brazil

Luciane Alves de Oliverira, Universitat de Barcelona


Exploring Dimensions of Housing Satisfaction and Life Satisfaction in Elderly Urban Residents

Rasvan E. Lalu, Gerontological-Economic Research Organization


Quality of Student Life Validation of Subjective Instruments

Silvana Schifini D'Andrrea, Filomena Maggino, University of Florence


Income, Economic Well-Being and Happiness

James E. Fisher, Sant Louis University

Mark Arnold, University of Central Florida

Jeri Miullins, Beggs, Indiana University


Economic Theory and Subjective Well-Being: Mexico

Nicole Fuentes, Mariano Rojas, Universidad de las Americas


Income Satisfaction, Equivalent Income, and Income Capabilities

Peter Krause, German Institute for Economic Research (DIW)


Mood Effects and Subjective Well-Being: Results From a Longitudinal Norwegian Study

Joar Vitterson, University of Tromso


Track 11 - Psychological Well Being, Use of Time and Quality of Life


Marginal Changes in Time Available: What Adjustments Would People Make?

Anne Dannerbeck, John Song, Edward Metzer, University of Missouri


Sport Habits, Life Satisfaction Quality of Life

Ramon Llopis Goig, Universidad de Valencia

David Llopis Goig, INFES-Merton


Time Prosperity and Quality of Life in the Eu15, USA and Japan

Manfred Garhammer, University of Bamberg (Germany)


Voluntary Work as an Individual and Social Option. Distinctive Psychosocial Elements of the Volunteer's Identity

Patricia Soler Javaloy, University of Alicante


Track 12 - Education, Training, and Quality of Life


It improves from the Educational Quality to Inclination the Attention to the Diversity: Programs of Curricular Diversification

David Llopis Goig, INFES-Merton

Ramon Llopis Goig, University of Valencia


Analysis of Some Early Childhood Care and Education Policies.? Child, a Citizen with all the Rights from the Birth

Carme Angel, Blanca Moll, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona


The Emotional Education as Base for the Quality of Life

Perez-Alvarez, J. Baus Rosset, M. A. Garcia Consuegra, S. Rodriguez, Unitat NeuroPsicoPedagogia Hospital Universitari Dr. J. Trueta, Girona

B. Timoneda Gallart, Dept. Pedagogia. UdG


Elaboration of a Questionnaire GIC to Evaluate the Quality of the Institutions of Primary Teaching

E.       Rebolloso, B. Fernandez Ramirez, C. Well, C. Salvador, P. Canton, University of Almeria


The Services of the Center of Support to the Student of the Universidad de Alicante: Analysis of the Necessities and Evaluation of the Programs of Intervention

Agustin Bueno, Domingo Martinez Macia, Tomas Blond Odonez, Patricia Javaloyy, Universidad de Alicante


The Impact of Education on Household's Quality of Life in Urban Lebanon

Abdallah A. Dah, Salwa C. Hammami, Univerity of Beirut


Growing up in Poverty: The Importance of Mothers' Behavior to Promote Child Development

M. Sadurni, C. Rostan, S. Pascual, University of Girona


Educational Diagnostic and QOL in the Ppsicopedagogic Intervention

J. Torroella Cuenca, C. Timoneda Gallart, Universitat de Girona

J. Alabau Bofill, X. Font Amores, J. Hernandez Figuerola, T. Falgueras Vila, Unidad of Nueuropsicopedagogia of the Hospital Josep Trueta of Girona


Track 13 - Quality-of-Life Studies and Qualitative Research


Beyond Consumption: Retail Encounters and Social Support

Mara Adelman, Mahela Shaw, Seattle University

Aaron Ahuvia, University of Michigan-Dearborn


Chronological vs. Cognitive Assessments of Well-Being: A Comparison of Selected Traits among Mature Females

Sylvia D. Clark, St. John's University

Leon G. Schiffman, CUNY-Baruch College


Qualitative and Quantitative Assessments of Well-Being: The Case of Women in Engineering

Sabrina Zirkel


Contribution from the Qualitative Methodology to the Research on Professionals' Satisfaction of the Institutional Evaluation Process: Study in the Aps (Primary Health Attention) in Catalunya

Marga Sanchez-Candamio, Marta Piany, Univeritat de Girona

Margarida Pla I Consugegra, Joan Ramon? Rodriguez, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona


Naughty but Nice: Young Women's Accounts of Quality of Life and Health

Wendy Rogers, Susannah Chappell, The Open University, England


Mapping Environmental Well-Being for Older People: One Aspect of QOL

Sheila M. Peace, Caroline A. Holland, The Open University

Leonie Kellaher, University of North London


Track 14 - Emerging Economies and Quality-of-Life Issues


Finding Ways out of Poverty: Any Analysis of the Living Condition Development in the Baltic Countries

Aadne Aasland, Guri Tyldum, Fafo Inst. for Applied Social Science, Oslo


Freedom and the Achievement of Happiness

Jan Ott, Erasmus University Rotterdam


Science, Technology and Quality of Life in Korea: Changes and Disparity in Perception

Jeong-Ro Yoon, Korea Advanced Inst. of Science Technology


Taxes and Transfers as Instruments: Influencing Income Inequality in Transition Countries

Maria Piotrowska, Wroclaw University of Economics


Quality of Education and Quality of Life

Orose Leelakulthanit, National Inst. of Development Admin.


Fundamental Issues in Democracy and Professional Re-Education: A Framework for Change in Transition Economies

Natasa Renko, Clifford J. Shultz, Jurica Pavicic


Quality of Life Issues in Emerging and Transition Economies

Clifford J. Shultz, II, AZ State University


Whither Cambodia: Quality of Life, One Generation Removed from the Killing Fields

Clifford J. Shultz


Track 15 - Gender, Women's Issues and Quality of Life


Is Quality of Life Gender Neutral?

Liz Eckerman, Deaken University


A Political Demography of Population Growth, the Family Environment and the Status of Women in Iran.? Twenty Years after the Revolution

Ahamd Khalili, Slippery Rock University


Inequality Perceptions of the Women in the City of Girona and QOL

Carme Canals, Dolors Munzo, Universitat de Girona


The Paradox of the Internet and its Relationship to QOL

Mary Long, Elaine Sherman


Track 16 - Assessing QOL and Living Conditions to Guide National Policy: The State of the Art


Is There Income Poverty in Western Europe?? Methodological Pitfalls in the Measurement of Poverty in a Comparative Perspective

Chistina Behrendt, University of Konstanz


Social Cohesion as an Aspect of the Quality of Societies: Concept and Measurement

Reginia Berger-Schmitt, ZUMA


Quality of Life and Living Conditions in the Netherlands

Jeroen Boelhouwer, Social and Cultural Planning Office


GDP and Happiness: It's Not the Amount but the Distribution

Robert A. Cummins, Deakin Univ.


South Africa's ?Rainbow People', National Pride and Optimism: A Trend Study

Helga Dickow, Valerie Moller


The Uses of Indicators in Setting Goals, Developing Programs and Policies

Abbott Ferriss


Tracking the Political Damage from Declines in QOL: Results From 13 OECD Countries

Michael Hagerty


Quality of the Current Political System and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe after Transition.? Findings from a Comparative Research Project on the Base of the Multinational Data Set of the Cross-National Longitudinal Survey "New Democracies Barometer"

Michaela Hudler


Interaction of Opinion Polling, QOL Reporting, and National Policy-Making in the Philippines

Mahar Mangahas


British Colombians' Expectations and Attitudes.? Going to the Third Millennium

Alex Michalos, Bruno Zumbo


Towards a European System of Social Indicators: Theoretical Considerations, Dimensions of Measurement and System Architecture

Heinz-Herbert Noll


Personal Rick as a Component of Country QOL

Mark Peterson


Surveying the Impacts of Economic Restructuring on QOL in Australia

Michael Pusey


An Index of Economic Well-Being for OECD Countries

Andrew Sharpe, Lars Osberg


Why Social Policy Needs Subjective Indicators

Ruut Veenhoven


Strategies and Traditions in Swedish Social Reporting: A 30-Year Experience

Joachim Vogel


The Euromodule ? A New Tool for QOL Research in Europe

Jan Delhey


Uncertainty in Capturing Uncertainty: Toward Measurement of the Fear of Crime

Frauke Kreuter


QOL Research at the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics: Social Indicators and Social Surveys

Charles Kamen


Track 17 - Assessing Economic Well Being in the Context of Overall Quality of Life to Guide Investment Decisions


Factors Predicting Confidence and QOL in Retirement

Sharon A. DeVaney


Assessing Financial Well-Being and QOL with Financial Ratio Analysis

Sharon A. DeVaney


Proposed Theoretical Model of Perceived Economic Well-Being: A Gender Perspective

Celia Ray Hayhoe


Changes in Perceived Economic Well-Being of College Students: A Longitudinal Study

Celia R. Hayhoe, Lauren Leach


Investing in Girls: Improving QOL through Academic Mentoring

Juanita O'Campo Waits, Cathy Martinez


Social Welfare Analysis of the EU Sectoral Policies

Secondo Tarditi


Financial Responsibility as a Key Component of Mission Readiness and QOL for Marines

Karen P. Varcoe, Joan Wright


Perceived QOL Mediated by Health and Sense Control: A Study of Two Cultures and Gender

Flora Willaims


Indicators of Economic Well-Being. Necessitating Changes for Improved QOL

Flora Williams