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Handbooks of Quality-of-Life Research

(A joint venture between ISQOLS and Springer Publisher)

The book series makes an attempt to encourage new handbooks that focus on capturing the QOL research literature in specific life domains, for specific populations, or in relation to specific disciplines or industry sectors.

Aims & Scope of the Series: The primary goal of the handbooks series is to provide QOL researchers with extensive bibliographic resources in the form of literature reviews of the many sub-disciplines or areas of research within the growing field of QOL research. Most of these QOL researchers are academics working in specific areas of research or research practitioners working in government agencies or industry associations.


Specifically the series aims:

  • To be considered the preferred information source among QOL researchers regarding the art and science of QOL studies and social indicators research.
  • To be recognized not just as 'book on the shelf' but rather, a "book in the hand," or at least, "on the desk"--thus, more than just a reference book.

Another aim of the handbooks book series is to promote handbooks involving measures of quality of life and well-being. For example, handbooks of well-being measures can be developed in relation to subjective well-being, health-related quality of life, national accounts, community QOL indicators, children well-being, elderly well-being, among others. These handbooks would serve QOL researchers in significant ways providing annotated bibliographies of well-established measures, methods, and scales that have been propagated in target areas.


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Book Series Editor: M. Joseph Sirgy, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, USA, sirgy@vt.edu


So far we have the following handbooks, some are completed, others are in various stages of development:

  • Land/Michalos/Sirgy: Handbook of Social Indicators and QOL Research
  • Uysal/Perdue/Sirgy: Handbook of Tourism and QOL Research
  • Reilly/Sirgy/Gorman: Handbook of Ethics and Quality of Work Life
  • Veenhooven: Handbook on Happiness Research
  • Glatzer: Global Handbook on National Well-Being
  • Phillips: Handbook on Community Well-Being
  • Rojas: Handbook on QOL Research in Latin America



Editorial Board: M. Joseph Sirgy (Virginia Tech, USA), Rhonda Phillips (State University of New York-Plattsburg, USA), Don Rahtz (College of William and Mary, USA), Alex Michalos (University of Northern British Columbia, Canada), Dong-Jin Lee (Yonsei University, Korea), Stephan Grzeskowiak (St. Louis University, USA), Dave Webb (University of Western Australia, Australia), Wolfgang Glatzer (Goethe University, Germany), and Laura Camfield (Oxford Department of International Development, Queen Elizabeth House).