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Journal of Macromarketing (JMM)

(Affiliated with ISQOLS)

The Journal of Macromarketing is a scholarly publication that examines important social issues, how they are affected by marketing, and how society influences the conduct of marketing.

Though primarily a marketing journal, the Journal of Macromarketing also encompasses a wide range of social science and business disciplines, including management, economics, sociology, and history. The Journal also publishes reviews of significant books and other works, all of these are found in the section, Reviews and Communications. Invited commentaries on important issues are also published.




The journal typically concentrates on these topics:

  • How markets and marketing systems operate
  • Classical and nontraditional examinations of the role of marketing in socio-economic development
  • The origins, growth, and development of marketing history as an activity and marketing thought
  • The marketing of products, services, or programs to enhance the quality of life for consumers, households, communities, countries, and regions
  • Explanatory theory, empirical studies, or methodological treatment of tests for topics of greatest interest to macromarketing scholars, including competition and markets, history, globalization, the environment, socio-economic development, ethics and distributive justice, and quality of life



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Editor: Terrence H. Witkowski, California State University, USA, Terrence.Witkowski@csulb.edu

QOL Section Editor**: M. Joseph Sirgy, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (Virginia Tech), USA, sirgy@vt.edu

**Since Fall 1997, JMM has published a section devoted to QOL studies in marketing. The section contains several QOL papers per issue. QOL studies in marketing are studies that focus on the marketing of products, services, or programs specifically designed to enhance the QOL of: consumers in general or specific segments of consumers (e.g., elderly), families/households in general or specific types of families/households (e.g., single-parent households), communities in general or specific types of communities (e.g., rural communities), and wide geographic regions/countries or specific types of regions/countries (e.g., developing countries). Send manuscripts for review and possible publications to QOL section editor. Inquiries about subscription to JMM should be directed to Sage Publications through the link above. Prices vary with type of subscription.