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Psychology of Health/QOL Module (Margaret Westaway)

Module Name: Quality of Life

Module Code: SCM873

Date: 2 – 6 June 2002


Margaret Westaway (Health and Development, MRC)

Liz Thomas (Health and Development, MRC)

S’bonisile Zama (GIS Centre, HSRC)


Student Test Questions (0830-1030 6 June 2003)

1. What are the characteristics of scientific research and how are these characteristics related to each other? (4 points)

2. What does quality of life mean to you? (4 points)

3. Give three examples of testable quality of life hypotheses. (6 points)

4. Describe the statistical procedures you would use to test each hypothesis. (6 points)

5. Discuss the linkages between age, gender, educational attainment, employment status, health status, social capital and quality of life in a South African context. (10 points)

6. There are certain human requirements for life satisfaction. Use all your sources to discuss these requirements in a South African context. (10 points)

7. Raphael et al (1999) defined quality of life as “the degree to which a person enjoys the important possibilities of his/her life in three main areas: being, belonging and becoming.” Discuss these three areas in terms of your own quality of life. (10 points)

8. Based on your readings, develop and state how you would evaluate a mini intervention to improve health, well-being and quality of life. (10 points)

Total 60


Criteria for Panel Evaluation of Group Work

1. Does the Introduction “set the stage” for the presentation?

2. Are the Objectives achievable?

3. Are the Hypotheses appropriate?

4. Did the Materials and Methods section explain what measures were used?

5. Did the Data Analysis section use appropriate statistical techniques for the hypotheses?

6. Did the Results section describe the sample adequately?

7. Did the Results section include the statistics used?

8. Did the Results section include a variety of Tables and Figures?

9. Were the Conclusions based on the results and appropriate?

10. Did the overall presentation follow logical steps?


Please rate each of the above questions on a 1 (poorest) to 10 (highest) basis for each presentation and sign below.