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QOL Research: Classic Articles and Books


Author: M. Joseph Sirgy.

Title of Publication: QOL Research: Classic Articles, Books, Reviews, and Other Important Works.

Publisher: The International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies

Year of Publication: 1998

This document lists many papers, books, and book chapters that are either classic in QOL research (i.e. heavily referenced over an extended period).

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Quality of Life: General
Subjective Well Being, Life Satisfaction, and Happiness
Social Indicators
Societal Development and QOL
Age and QOL (Children, Elderly, etc.)
Work and QOL
Income/Savings/Material Possessions/Standard of Living and QOL
Family and QOL
Education and QOL
Religion and QOL
Leisure and QOL
Community and QOL (Urban QOL, City QOL, etc.)
Crime and QOL
Minorities and QOL
Environment and QOL
Health and QOL
Technology and QOL
Housing and QOL
Education and QOL
Economics and QOL
Mass Communications and QOL
Marketing and QOL
Travel/Tourism and QOL
Corporate Social Responsibility and QOL
Entrepreneurship and QOL