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Sociology of the Environment/QOL Module (Giampaolo Nuvolati)

Faculty of Sociology

University of Milan – Bicocca

(Milan, ITALY)

Prof. Giampaolo Nuvolati



First and second week (12 hours per week)

- Definition of the concept of quality of life

- Needs theory and quality of life

- Schemes useful to frame the concept of quality of life: Allardt, Zapf, Galtung e Wirak

- Functionings, capabilities and the quality of life: Sen

- Quality of life in the urban context

- Environment and quality of life

- Urban development program, socioeconomic marginality and the quality of life

- How to measure quality of life: objective and subjective approaches

- The main sources for data on quality of life in Italy

- Validity and reliability of the data

- Types of social indicators

- From indicators to general indexes

- The results of the research on quality of life in the world

- The results of the research on quality of life in Italy

- Quality of life and socio-economic development in Italy


Third and fourth week (12 hours per week)

- Technology, spatial mobility and quality of life in the post-modern society (Giddens, Bauman, Beck)

- The transformation of the city and the new metropolitan populations: megalopolis and Ville à la carte

- Definition and characteristics of inhabitants, commuters, city users and businessmen

- The city and the new flâneurs

- Spatial, economic, cultural and fiscal conflicts between residents and non residents

- How to measure new metropolitan populations: ecological and survey data

- Time-space mobility, living styles and quality of life

- Time public policies and quality of life

- Exercise: research project on quality of life

- Exercise: basic statistical analysis on quality of life data

- Exercise: collection and analysis of data and information on quality of life in Internet

Main texts:

- Nuvolati, G. (1998). La qualità della vita delle città. Metodi e risultati delle ricerche comparative. Milano: Franco Angeli.

- Nuvolati, G. (2002). Popolazioni in movimento, città in trasformazione. Bologna: il Mulino.

- Nuvolati, G. (2003). Socioeconomic Development and Quality of Life in Italy, in M. Joseph Sirgy, D. Rahtz, and A.C. Samli (ed.), Advances in Quality-of-Life Theory and Research.. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 81-98.