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ISQOLS By-laws state that our members be given opportunities to interact, coordinate, serve in leadership roles, and pursue interdisciplinary research across a variety of disciplines.

To better accomplish these goals, ISQOLS has created six categorical and thematic discussion groups within the organization. These discipline-specific groups, help focus attention on specific topics and categories within Quality-of-Life studies and help define "quality-of-life" in more tangible and applicable ways.  It also helps ISQOLS move towards interdisciplinary research by encouraging members to interact with researchers from different backgrounds based upon a similar interest in a particular category.download (3)

All six discussion groups will be primarily facilitated online on the isqols.org website, via the groups online forums. Each discussion group will also be represented at the ISQOLS Annual Conferences as “program tracks” for paper and presentation submissions.

DISCUSSION GROUP I: ECONOMICS & EMPLOYMENT (Economics, Wealth, Poverty, Income, Money, Employment, Consumption) 

DISCUSSION GROUP II: POLICY & LAW (Political Science, Government and Governance, Policy, NGOs, Law)

DISCUSSION GROUP III: HEALTH & WELLBEING (Health, Wellness, Aging, Personal Wellbeing, Happiness, Sociology, Psychology)

DISCUSSION GROUP IV: COMMUNITY & SUSTAINABILITY (Environment, Sustainability, Society, Social Work, Community, Neighborhoods, Family, Childhood, Adolescents, Adulthood)

DISCUSSION GROUP V: QOL RESEARCH METHODS (Methods, Theory, Data Collection, Statistics, Social Indicators, Qualitative and Quantitative Research)

DISCUSSION GROUP VI: QOL GLOBAL TOPICS (International and Global Wellbeing, Human Rights)




Positions available: 6, one for each of the 6 ISQOLS Discussion Groups

Position duration: 2016 calendar year

Positions description:  Each of the 6 ISQOLS Discussion Group requires a Director for the annual year. The primary role of each Discussion Group Director is to facilitate his/her Discussion Group’s online presence on the isqols.org website and encourage online interaction via the group forums. Discussion Group Directors will also play a large role in paper submission process for ISQOLS Annual Conferences. (see below for details)


The title of ISQOLS Discussion Group Director

Experience in an ISQOLS leadership role

Official ISQOLS Discussion Group Director Certificate at the end of service year


1. Managing Discussion Group Forums:

  • Each Discussion Group Director will be responsible for managing his/her respective group forum on the isqols.org website (http://www.isqols.org/forums/)
  • Posting relevant content (articles, discussion questions, external links, job opportunities, research, blogs, etc.) at least twice per month in his/her respective Discussion Group forum on website
  • Moderate the Discussion Group forums by welcoming new forum guests, responding to user posts, removing and reporting inappropriate content, ensuring all discussions are respectful and courteous
  • Highlighting any specific news/items related to their Discussion Group topics.

2. Serving on Conference Scientific Committee

  • Each Discussion Group Director will also asked to serve on conference scientific committees, to select appropriate papers related to their Discussion Group.
  • Each Discussion Group Director will also serve as track/session chairs if they attend the conference.


  • Must be a current ISQOLS Member (any and all geographical locations welcomed!)
  • Must be able to show demonstrated knowledge and experience with selected discussion group, either via relevant research and/or employment

Discussion Group Director Application Procedure:


To apply for a Discussion Group Director position, please visit complete the application at the bottom of this page (http://www.isqols.org/discussiongroups).

If you would like to nominate a fellow ISQOLS Member to serve as a Discussion Group Director, please send his/her name to office@isqols.org



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