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Methods, Theory, Data Collection, Statistics, Social Indicators, Qualitative and Quantitative Research


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Discussion Group Director: Graciela Tonon

Picture1 Graciela can be reached at gracielatonon@hotmail.com

About Graciela:
"I am member of ISQOLS since 2001. Member of ISQOLS´ Board of Directors since 2005. Vice president of Professional Affairs ISQOLS 2007-2008. Chair Latin-America ad hoc Committee ISQOLS 2009-2010. Vice-president membership-Publicity ISQOLS (2011-2012). Vice-president External Affairs ISQOLS (2013/ 2014 & 2015/2016). 
I was the Chair of ISQOLS  Award´s Nominating Committee (2014,2015,2016).
I  created  and directed a Research Program in Quality of Life since 2004,  and the Post-Doctoral Studies Program in Quality of Life since 2011 in the National University of Lomas de Zamora, Argentina. I teach Research Methodology in Quality of Life in the Faculty of Social Sciences of Universidad de Palermo, Argentina where I direct the Center of Social Sciences Research (CICS). I am inviting to teach courses about  Reserach Methodology in Quality of Life in  different Latin American universities.
I am the Editor and Author of the book "Qualitative Studies in Quality of Life: methodology and practice" (2015) SIR Series Vol 55, Springer;  the book "Indicators of Quality of Life in Latin America" (2016) SIR Series Vol 62, Springer. Author of the book "Young people´s quality of life and construction of citizenship" (2012) SpringerBriefs in Well-being and Quality of Life Research Springer.  I am preparing my new book "Quality of Life of Communities of Latin Countries"for the Series Community Quality of Life and Wellbeing, Springer.
I am the Chair of the International Handbooks of Quality of Life Series, Springer and  Book Review Editor of the Applied Research in Quality of Life, oficial Journal ISQOLS, Springer.
I participate as Editorial Board Member of the Encyclopedia of Quality of Life  and Well-being Research. Springer .Editor in chief . Alex Michalos.   2014.
I have directed 22 research projects in quality of life field,  61 researchers and 7 doctoral thesis in different Latin American countries, since 2001.
I organized 3 Latin American Conferences in QOL in Argentina."