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ISQOLS proudly endorses several journals that align with our mission to promote Quality-of-Life, Wellbeing, Happiness research and studies. Below is a list of affiliated and QOL-selected journals. 

ISQOLS members can choose to receive a discount for the Social Indicators Research Journal and the Journal of Happiness Studies. 

The focus of SIR is mostly conceptualization and measurement issues of QOL in various life domains, situational conditions, settings, groups, communities, etc. The journal is very well-established and is regarded as a premier journal in QOL research. (Editor: Filomena Maggino)

JOHS is a peer reviewed scientific journal devoted to subjective well being. It covers both cognitive evaluations of life (e.g., life satisfaction) and affective enjoyment of life (e.g., joy). (Editor: Antonella Delle Fave)

Quality-of-Life Related Journals

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