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NOTE: Institutional membership has now changed to provide ISQOLS benefits to four named persons within the institution. These members will receive ARQOL and SINET as part of the membership fee and are also entitled to all other benefits provided to regular members
You will receive more information on adding further people to your institutional membership after completing the registration.

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Tax deductible Contributions to ISQOLS Foundation

General Support Funds

Presidents' Fund (more)
Mary Joyce Scholarship Fund (more)

Endowed Lectures

Edward F. Diener Lecture Fund
Series on Subjective Well-Being Research (more)
Richard J. Estes Lecture Fund
Series on International & Comparative QOL Research (more)
Alex C. Michalos Lecture Fund
Series on Advances in QOL Theory and Research (more)

Endowed Tracks

Ronald E. Anderson Endowed Track
Alleviation of Human Suffering (more)
Elizabeth Eckermann Endowed Track
Gender and Quality of Life (more)
Takashi Inoguchi Endowed Track
Quality of Life and Well-being in East Asia(more)
Kenneth C. Land Endowed Track
Advancement of Quality of Life and Well-Being of Children (more)
Mahar Mangahas Endowed Track
Advancement of Quality of Life and Well-Being in Southeast Asia (more)
Rhonda G. Phillips Endowed Track
Promotion of Community Development and Well-Being (more)
Daniel Shek-Wofoo Foundation Track
Advancement of Adolescent Quality of Life Research (more)
M. Joseph Sirgy Endowed Track
Well-Being and Policy (more)


Applied Research in Quality of Life (more)
4 issues/yr., online access including back issues
Applied Research in Quality of Life (hard copy) (more)
15 issues/year, hard copy + on-line access including back issues
USD $21
SINET (Social Indicators Network News) (more)
Social Indicators Research (more)
15 issues/year, hard copy + online access including back issues
USD $179
Journal of Happiness Studies (more)
4 issues/year, hard copy + online access + on-line access including back issues
USD $99

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Your Expertise

Specific population segments

Children and youth
The poor
The homeless
The disabled
Minority Groups
Other population segment

Specific life domains

Work life
Spiritual life
Family life
Emotional life
Community life
Leisure/recreation life
Love life
School life
Financial/economic life
Other life domain

Specific industries and sectors

Hospitality and Tourism
Fashion and clothing
Health care
Child care
The environment
Other industry/sector

Varying units of analysis

Individual QOL indicators
Family QOL indicators
Community QOL indicators
City QOL indicators
Regional QOL
State-level QOL
Nation-level QOL indicators
Country block-level QOL indicators
World QOL indicators
Other unit of analysis

Specific disciplinary expertise

Humanities (e.g., philosophy, religious studies, history, language. culture & arts),
Social sciences (e.g., psychology, sociology, economics, social geography),
Policy sciences (e.g., political science, public administration, public policy, urban planning),
Natural sciences (e.g., biology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, geology),
Environmental sciences (e.g., agriculture, diary sciences, food science/technology, physical geography),
Neuro sciences (e.g., physiological psychology, bioinformatics, eurobiology),
Management sciences (e.g., accounting, business information technology, marketing, management, finance),
System sciences (e.g., mathematics, cybernetics, information theory, system engineering, computer science/engineering),
Communication sciences (e.g., communication, media studies, design),
Veterinary sciences (e.g., animal and poultry sciences),
Engineering sciences (e.g., electrical, mining, mechanical, materials, automotive, aviation),
Medical sciences (e.g., animal, human, diabetes, oncology),
Other disciplinary expertise

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