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2019 Award recipients: 

First Prize:

Jennifer Gerson 

"Social media use and subjective well-being: An investigation of individual differences in personality, social comparison and Facebook behaviour"

Download here: Jennifer Gerson Dissertation.pdf

Second Prizes:

Martijn Hendriks

"Migrant Happiness Insights into the broad well-being outcomes of migration and its determinants"

Download here: Martijn Hendriks Dissertation.pdf

Efstratia Arampatzi

"Subjective Well-Being in Times of Crisis, Evidence on the wider impact of economic crises and turmoil on subjective well-being"

Download here: Efstratia Arampatzi Dissertation .pdf

ISQOLS recognizes these other submissions: 

Sarah Dickerson: “Psychological well-being and Health Gains in the Developing World: Evidence from Peru and Malawi.”

Isabella Bertmann: Taking WellBeing and Quality of Life for Granted? An Empirical Study on Social Protection and Disability in South Africa” 

Isabella Bertmann Dissertation.pdf

Christian Kreke: "Evaluating the Non-Monetary Impacts of Major Events, Infrastructure, and Institutions"

Christian Krekel Dissertation.pdf

Kelsey O'Connor: "Three essays on social policy: institutional development, and subjective well-being as a cause and consequence of labor market outcomes."

Kelsey O'Connor Dissertation.pdf

Lilian Jans-Beken: "Appreciating Gratitude: New Perspectives on the Gratitude – Mental Health Connection"

Lillian Jans-Beken Dissertation.pdf

Lara Sofia Nascimento Palmeira:"When weight stigma gets under the skin: The development of Kg-Free – a new integrated acceptance, mindfulness and compassion-based group intervention”

Lara Palmeira Dissertation.pdf

Eric Trevan: "The Influence of Import Substitution on Community Development as Measured by Economic Wealth and Quality of Life"

Eric Trevan Dissertation.pdf



Past Recipients:

2012: George Mackerron

2009: Melania Calestani

  • Honorable Mention: Adrian John Tomyn; Mehrdad Mazaheri

2007: Anke C. Zimmerman

  • Honorable Mention: Monica Gonzales

2006: Michael F. Steger

  • Honorable Mention: Ralph Kober; Cathy Rozel Franworth

2004: Karen Hwang

  • Honorable Mention: Marjan Drukker; Shannon Michele Suldo

2003: Peggy Schyns

  • Honorable Mention: Kyungmi Kim

2001: Eunkook M. Suh

  • Honorable Mention: Whitney Boling; Janet Davis Neal; Jiyeon Park; Ann P. Turnbull; Nansook Park

2000: Sirpa Sarlio-Lahteenkorva
1998: Barbara Ann Sherman
1997: Martha Kay Parker

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