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2020 ISQOLS Best PhD Dissertation Award on Quality of Life, Well-being, and Happiness

The aim of the prize is to promote the activity of young researchers working on quality-of-life, happiness, and well-being issues. All dissertations that have been successfully defended during the two calendar years prior to the award deadline are eligible for consideration. Dissertations must be written in English.

ISQOLS awards the best dissertation with a lump sum of $1,500 USD, one-year free membership to ISQOLS, one-year free access to the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life Studies, and free registration to the ISQOLS conference.

The submissions will be reviewed by a committee chaired by ISQOLS’s Vice-President of Academic Affairs. 

2020 Award recipients: 

First Prize:

Mariana Filipa da Silva Amorim

"Quality of life in parents of very preterm infants: insights from family integrated care"

Download here: Mariana Filipa da Silva Amorim Dissertation .pdf

Second Prize: 

David B. Newman

"The Dynamics of Well-Being in Daily Life: A Multilevel Perspective"

Download here: David Newman Dissertation.pdf

Honorable Mention: 

Yu Heng Kwan

“Quality of Life of Patients with Spondyloarthritis”

Download here: Yu Heng Kwan Dissertation.pdf

2019 Award recipients: 

First Prize:

Jennifer Gerson 

"Social media use and subjective well-being: An investigation of individual differences in personality, social comparison and Facebook behaviour"

Download here: Jennifer Gerson Dissertation.pdf

Second Prizes:

Martijn Hendriks

"Migrant Happiness Insights into the broad well-being outcomes of migration and its determinants"

Download here: Martijn Hendriks Dissertation.pdf

Efstratia Arampatzi

"Subjective Well-Being in Times of Crisis, Evidence on the wider impact of economic crises and turmoil on subjective well-being"

Download here: Efstratia Arampatzi Dissertation .pdf

ISQOLS recognizes these other submissions: 

Sarah Dickerson: “Psychological well-being and Health Gains in the Developing World: Evidence from Peru and Malawi.”

Isabella Bertmann: Taking WellBeing and Quality of Life for Granted? An Empirical Study on Social Protection and Disability in South Africa” 

Isabella Bertmann Dissertation.pdf

Christian Kreke: "Evaluating the Non-Monetary Impacts of Major Events, Infrastructure, and Institutions"

Christian Krekel Dissertation.pdf

Kelsey O'Connor: "Three essays on social policy: institutional development, and subjective well-being as a cause and consequence of labor market outcomes."

Kelsey O'Connor Dissertation.pdf

Lilian Jans-Beken: "Appreciating Gratitude: New Perspectives on the Gratitude – Mental Health Connection"

Lillian Jans-Beken Dissertation.pdf

Lara Sofia Nascimento Palmeira:"When weight stigma gets under the skin: The development of Kg-Free – a new integrated acceptance, mindfulness and compassion-based group intervention”

Lara Palmeira Dissertation.pdf

Eric Trevan: "The Influence of Import Substitution on Community Development as Measured by Economic Wealth and Quality of Life"

Eric Trevan Dissertation.pdf



Past Recipients:

2012: George Mackerron

2009: Melania Calestani

  • Honorable Mention: Adrian John Tomyn; Mehrdad Mazaheri

2007: Anke C. Zimmerman

  • Honorable Mention: Monica Gonzales

2006: Michael F. Steger

  • Honorable Mention: Ralph Kober; Cathy Rozel Franworth

2004: Karen Hwang

  • Honorable Mention: Marjan Drukker; Shannon Michele Suldo

2003: Peggy Schyns

  • Honorable Mention: Kyungmi Kim

2001: Eunkook M. Suh

  • Honorable Mention: Whitney Boling; Janet Davis Neal; Jiyeon Park; Ann P. Turnbull; Nansook Park

2000: Sirpa Sarlio-Lahteenkorva
1998: Barbara Ann Sherman
1997: Martha Kay Parker

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