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Award for the Betterment of the Human Condition

The basic requirement for eligibility for this award is significant accomplishment by an organization (private or public sector organization) to the development and use of QOL measures in serving its constituency. The Nominating Committee with the assistance of the Vice-President for External Affairs scouts possible candidates for consideration. The selected candidate is nominated by the Nominating Committee and is selected by a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors (with at least 25% of the Directors voting).

2023: Management Institute for Quality-of-Life Studies (MIQOLS)

2022: Wellbeing Economy Alliance

2021: Foundation for the Study of Happiness for the World Database of Happiness

2020: Centre for the Study of Living Standards

2019: Social Weather Stations 

2018: Legatum Institute

2017: Gallup Organization

2016: Halloran Philanthropies

2015: OECD Better Life Index

2014: World Happiness Report

2012: Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative

2010: Transparency International (Berlin)

2009: Istituto Degli Innocenti, University of Florence

2007: New Economics Foundation (NEF)

2006: The South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR)

2004: Annie E. Casey Foundation; KIDS COUNT Project

2003: Kluwer Academic Publisher; Social Indicators Research

2001: Government of Sweden; Statistics Sweden

2000: United Nations Development Programme; United Nations

1998: Center for Diseases Control and Prevention; National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion; Healthcare and Aging Studies Branch

The International Society for
Quality-of-Life Studies

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