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    • 18 Jul 2022
    • 11:00 AM (EDT)
    • Online Webinar


    A Journey For Happiness: The Man Who Cycled to Bhutan


    7am PDT/11:00am EDT/4:00pm CEST


    “Many of the things that are important for happiness seemed out of reach to me, an apparent expert on happiness…whilst I knew better, I was up against it when trying to actually live better.”

    What is it that makes a person happy in life? Most people will have a solid answer to that question. Yet, how much do our wider systems enable us to make choices that bring greater happiness? Christopher had spent a decade researching happiness, but felt frustrated at how difficult it was to live the findings of his own research. To deepen his explorations around happiness he wanted to find another way. And so he quit his job, saddled up, and began cycling to Bhutan, applying all his expertise about happiness to create a journey for happiness. This talk brings together insights from that 20,000km journey to Bhutan on a bicycle.

    Presenter: Christopher Boyce

    Christopher Boyce trained as an economist (BSc, MSc) and went on to explore the links between the economy and wellbeing, completing a PhD in Psychology in 2009. He has worked at various academic institutions, including the University of Warwick, Paris School of Economics, the University of Manchester, and the University of Stirling, where he still has an honorary position. He has published more than 25 peer-reviewed academic papers on happiness and wellbeing, and has written numerous media articles on the topic. He is involved in local, national, and international wellbeing policy discussions, and a Wellbeing Economy Alliance Research Fellow. He is interested in contributing to the creation of conditions that foster individual & societal wellbeing.

    • 2 Aug 2022
    • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    2022 ISQOLS pre-conference workshop,

    "Quality of Life and Local Foods: A Taste of Vermont" 

    Tuesday, August 2

    Vermont is a small state but mighty in its impact on many aspects of local and regional foods systems that are inclusive and equitable, regenerative agriculture, and related culinary and outdoor adventures. Overviews of these will be provided during the tour that starts in Burlington at the Intervale (an urban, multi-cultural farming incubator and more), heads to Shelburne Farms (a 1400-acre nonprofit farm and educational venue) for an agritourism experience and lunch, then to Shelburne Vineyard to learn about the local craft beverage industry. Participants will discuss indicators of neolocalism, strategies for sustainable and regenerative agritourism, equity and inclusion, and quality of life and well-being considerations of local food systems.


    Intervale Center, Burlington

    Embark on a guided walk across the Intervale landscape, beginning at theEthan Allen Homestead to learn about the Abenaki Native Americans who cultivated corn and other crops on the landscape 3000 years ago. Visit with Farms for New Americans representatives to learn about refugee resettlement in Vermont and the innovative incubator farmer and community garden program for refugees who have recently moved to Vermont typically from conflict zones.

    Continue the guided walk across this biodiverse Intervale landscape situated adjacent to Burlington Vermont and along the Winooski River. The land is used by multiple user groups for recreation, sustainable agriculture, and community gardening. The tour will meet with representatives of the Intervale Center and incubator farms and learn about the multifunctional landscape that has been revitalized over the last 30 years.

    Drive to Shelburne Farms, Shelburne

    Participants will enjoy lunch in the courtyard at Shelburne Farms where sandwiches and snacks are available at the Farm Cart. Shelburne Farms is a vibrant center for learning, with a mission to inspire and cultivate learning for a sustainable future. The home campus is a 1,400-acre working farm, forest, and National Historic Landmark on the shores of Lake Champlain. The Abenaki, “People of the First Light,” are the First Peoples of this land. Over 140,000 visitors come to Shelburne Farms annually for education programs, overnight stays, walking trails, property tours, dining at the Farm to Table restaurant, visiting the Children’s Farmyard, and through partner programs hosted on the campus.

    Wine Tasting at Shelburne Vineyards

    After the visit to Shelburne Farms, we will stop on the way back to Burlington for wine tasting at Shelburne Vineyards. There is also a craft brewery nearby called Fiddlehead Brewing if people would prefer sampling beer. At both of these locations, we can meet with the owners/producers and learn about the craft beverage industry.

    *This tour may be altered and/or adapted based on conditions at the time of the tour


    Fee includes transportation with pick-up and drop off, lunch at the Farm Cart at Shelburne Farms, wine tasting at Shelburne Vineyards and any fees associated with visits to the sites.

    Registration deadline: July 8

    • 3 Aug 2022
    • 8:30 AM (EDT)
    • 6 Aug 2022
    • 9:00 PM (EDT)
    • University of Vermont


    "Quality-of-Life for Resilient Futures: Sustainability, Equity, and Wellbeing"

    3-6 AUGUST 2022

    Burlington, Vermont, USA

    Now with hybrid options!

    The ISQOLS 2022 Conference in Burlington, Vermont, USA is the first in-person ISQOLS gathering since the global pandemic began. It provides the opportunity to build connections within our interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary community of scholars and practitioners dedicated to promoting quality-of-life and wellbeing. Hosted on the campus of The University of Vermont, the conference provides a forum for reflecting on our collective learning about quality-of-life throughout the global pandemic while providing evidence about how to cultivate resilience at all scales (individual, community, national, global) with a special focus on sustainability, equity, and wellbeing impacts on quality-of-life.  We are pleased to welcome researchers, practitioners, students, professionals, faculty, retirees, experts and novices to Burlington, Vermont, USA in August 2022. 

    Given the complexities of the pandemic and worldwide travel restrictions, the conference committee has decided to allow for remote opportunities for our conference. 

    Please note, the conference is still primarily designed as an in-person event, with live sessions and lectures occurring at the University of Vermont campus in Burlington, Vermont, USA, from August 3-6, between the hours of 9:00am-4:00pm, Eastern Standard Time (New York). To those of you who have registered and plan to attend in-person, we look forward to welcoming you to the lovely city of Burlington! 

    For those unable to travel, we are excited to allow you the opportunity to participate remotely. Your virtual registration will offer the ability to virtually present your accepted abstract and provide access to live-streamed sessions and conference recordings. 

    In-Person Attendees: 

    Registration fees include full access to all conference events and materials from 3-6 August; light hors d'oeuvres, drinks at the welcome reception (3 August); coffee/tea/snacks on 4, 5, 6 August; Lunch on 4, 5, 6 August; conference dinner on Friday, 5 August. *Plus* access to conference video recordings, made available on the ISQOLS conference platform for up to one full year. 

    Virtual Attendees: 

    Registration fees include to access to designated hybrid sessions and conference recordings, made available on the ISQOLS conference platform for up to one full year.


    Registration and Refund Details:

    The early bird registration fee has been extended to 5 July. 

    The virtual presenter registration deadline is 5 July. 

    100% full refund (if unable to attend in-person or virtually) is available through 5 July. 

    A 50% refund is available (if unable to attend in-person or virtually) from 6-15 July 

    No refund available after 15 July


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3 Mar 2022 ISQOLS Webinar, Ireland: A case study of improvement in national well-being
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9 Feb 2022 ISQOLS Webinar: Positive attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccines: A cross-country analysis
8 Dec 2021 ISQOLS Webinar: Good Data for Good Decisions about Community Revitalization
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4 Oct 2021 ISQOLS Webinar: Physical pain in 146 nations
4 Sep 2021 ISQOLS 2021 Virtual Awards Ceremony
24 Aug 2021 2021 ISQOLS Virtual Conference
28 Jul 2021 ISQOLS Webinar: Trade and Job (In)Security: The Two Sides of Import Exposure
24 Jun 2021 ISQOLS Gather Event, Postgraduate Program in Medicine and Health
10 Jun 2021 ISQOLS WEBINAR: "How Was Life? New Perspectives on Well-being and Global Inequality since 1820"
26 May 2021 ISQOLS WEBINAR: Explaining Happiness and Income in the Short and Long Run: A Lesson on Happiness
25 Mar 2021 ISQOLS WEBINAR: Walls of Glass. Measuring Deprivation in Social Participation
15 Mar 2021 Quality of Life in Latin America
23 Oct 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR: Validation of the SPF-Q, an instrument to assess the quality of production functions to achieve well-being, among multimorbid patients
16 Oct 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR: "Exploring the Link Between Walkability and Subjective Wellbeing in Detroit Metro Area"
5 Oct 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"Does it matter where it comes from? Happiness and air pollution sources"
2 Oct 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR: "Scale Norming Makes Welfare Analysis with Life Satisfaction Scales Difficult: Theory and Empirical Evidence"
1 Oct 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR: "Be Happy: Navigating Normative Issues in Behavioural and Well-Being Public Policy"
30 Sep 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR: "Bowling with Trump: Economic Anxiety, Racial Identification, and Well-Being in the 2016 US Presidential Election"
14 Sep 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"Wellbeing, sustainability, and progress: what's needed to help governments be accountable to human experience?"
2 Sep 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"Influence of Spouses’ Work-Role Similarity on Inter Gender Difference in Health and life Expectancy"
25 Aug 2020 2020 ISQOLS Virtual Conference
21 Aug 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"Promoting wellbeing through gender equity: ten strategies for basic education institutions""
3 Aug 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"Character Strengths and Participation in Sport/Physical Activity to Promote Positive Ageing"
16 Jul 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"Designing Meaningful Work during COVID-19: Implications for Managers & the Future of Work"
22 Jun 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"POZE. A paradigm for Social Change, from the inside out."
8 Jun 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"Transmission of research results to the field of public policies for the improvement of quality of life"
28 May 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"Community Indicators Projects: Theoretical Notions" "
2 Apr 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:" Consumption that counts – Exploring links between consumption and well-being"
15 Mar 2020 ISQOLS International Symposium & Site Visit: Quality-of-life in Kibbutz Communities
24 Jan 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"Improving Quality-of-Life Through Quality of Care in Africa"
11 Nov 2019 ISQOLS Member Research Webinar, "Which factors support student wellbeing at university?"
29 Oct 2019 ISQOLS Member Research Webinar, "Exploring the concept of health-related quality of life for patients on haemodialysis in Saudi Arabia"
6 Sep 2019 ISQOLS Conference Dinner
4 Sep 2019 2019 ISQOLS Conference Granada, Spain
1 Sep 2019 ISQOLS Pre-Conference Rabat, Morocco
14 Jun 2019 ISQOLS WEBINAR, "Animals, People and the Planet – increasing wellbeing for all"
3 May 2019 ISQOLS WEBINAR, "Animals, People and the Planet – increasing wellbeing for all"
15 Mar 2019 ISQOLS WEBINAR, "Reframing Work To Improve Well-being"
16 Jan 2019 ISQOLS Webinar: "Bridging the Gap Between the Sustainable Development Goals and Happiness Metrics"
14 Dec 2018 ISQOLS WEBINAR, "Gross National Happiness of Business: An Assessment Tool"
14 Sep 2018 Webinar: "Sustainability through Happiness" with Scott Cloutier

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