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ISQOLS Webinar, "A Journey For Happiness: The Man Who Cycled to Bhutan"

  • 18 Jul 2022
  • 11:00 AM (EDT)
  • Online Webinar


  • The webinar is free for all participants.

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A Journey For Happiness: The Man Who Cycled to Bhutan


7am PDT/11:00am EDT/4:00pm CEST


“Many of the things that are important for happiness seemed out of reach to me, an apparent expert on happiness…whilst I knew better, I was up against it when trying to actually live better.”

What is it that makes a person happy in life? Most people will have a solid answer to that question. Yet, how much do our wider systems enable us to make choices that bring greater happiness? Christopher had spent a decade researching happiness, but felt frustrated at how difficult it was to live the findings of his own research. To deepen his explorations around happiness he wanted to find another way. And so he quit his job, saddled up, and began cycling to Bhutan, applying all his expertise about happiness to create a journey for happiness. This talk brings together insights from that 20,000km journey to Bhutan on a bicycle.

Presenter: Christopher Boyce

Christopher Boyce trained as an economist (BSc, MSc) and went on to explore the links between the economy and wellbeing, completing a PhD in Psychology in 2009. He has worked at various academic institutions, including the University of Warwick, Paris School of Economics, the University of Manchester, and the University of Stirling, where he still has an honorary position. He has published more than 25 peer-reviewed academic papers on happiness and wellbeing, and has written numerous media articles on the topic. He is involved in local, national, and international wellbeing policy discussions, and a Wellbeing Economy Alliance Research Fellow. He is interested in contributing to the creation of conditions that foster individual & societal wellbeing.

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