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Psychology of Wellbeing Certification

Develop an understanding of psychology of wellbeing and receive a certification from the International Society of Quality-of-Life Studies (ISQOLS), a globally-recognized academic and professional association, with its own publications, journals, conferences, and identity. ISQOLS is collaborating with the Management Institute for Quality-of-Life Studies (MIQOLS) in the administration of this certification program.

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Learn about the Proliferating Research Related to the Psychology of Wellbeing

The research involving the psychology of wellbeing is immensely vast and growing exponentially. Learn about the basic concepts and models of the psychology of wellbeing to help you with own scholarly research.

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The certification course includes:

  • 6 major content-rich learning modules
  • 10 webinars designed with flexibility and remote-learning in mind
  • Support from a renowned quality-of-life/well-being scientist
  • An official certification on successful completion of the course work and examination

Course Modules

Introductory Module

The introductory module lays the philosophical and academic foundation of much of the research on wellbeing and positive mental health, showing the beneficial effects of happy people at work, in terms of health, and to society at large.

Topics in this module include:

  • philosophical foundations
  • definitions, and measures of wellbeing
  • positive outcomes of wellbeing
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This certification program is aimed at:

  • Graduate students interested in developing a research project (e.g., Master’s thesis, Doctoral dissertation) involving topics related to the psychology of wellbeing
  • Academic scholars interested in developing research expertise in the psychology of wellbeing
  • Public policy officials interested in the science of wellbeing to guide decision making
  • Managers of for-profit and non-profit organizations interested in applying the science of wellbeing to enhance employee and patron wellbeing
  • Researchers employed by national bureaus of statistics
  • Quality-of-life/well-being coaches interested in using the research to help counsel clients
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A World-Renowned Instructor

M. Joseph Sirgy is a management psychologist (Ph.D., U/Massachusetts, 1979) and the Virginia Tech Real Estate Professor Emeritus of Marketing at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (USA) and Extraordinary Professor at the WorkWell Research Unit at North West University – Potchefstroom Campus (South Africa). He has published extensively in the area of business ethics and quality of life (QOL). His awards include: International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies’ (ISQOLS’) Distinguished Fellow Award, ISQOLS’ Distinguished QOL Researcher, Academy of Marketing Science’s (AMS) Distinguished Fellow Award, AMS’ Harold Berkman Service Award, Virginia Tech’s Pamplin Teaching Excellence Award/Holtzman Outstanding Educator Award and University Certificate of Teaching Excellence, the EuroMed Management Research Award, and the Macromarketing Society’s Robert W. Nason Award. Best paper awards include articles published in the Journal of Happiness Studies, the Journal of Travel Research, and Applied Research in Quality of Life. His editorial responsibilities include co-founding editor of Applied Research in Quality of Life, editor of the QOL section in the Journal of Macromarketing, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Macromarketing, editor of ISQOLS’/Springer’s book series on International Handbooks in QOL, Community QOL Indicators--Best Cases, Applied Research in QOL--Best Practices, and co-editor of the Springer book series on Human Well-Being and Policy Making.

M. Joseph Sirgy

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is administered through a series of webinars to be offered over a two-week period. Much of the course material can be covered through 10 webinars (scheduled for 1.5 hours each).

A course registration of $700 is levied on those who wish to obtain official course credit and an ISQOLS certificate for having completed the course. A discount of $100 is available for ISQOLS members (i.e., $700 for nonmembers and $600 for members). A textbook is used in this course as well: Sirgy, M. Joseph (2021). The Psychology of Quality of Life: Wellbeing and Positive Mental Health. Dordrecht: Springer. An arrangement with Springer is available to offer students a significant discount to purchase the e-book version. Please contact the ISQOLS office ( for more details about purchasing the textbook.

No. However, to make the most out of the material provided in this course, it is recommended that the applicants have at least some background in social sciences and rudimentary knowledge of population statistics.

This certification is provided by the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies (ISQOLS), a global organization with a mission to promote and encourage research in the field of quality-of-life (QOL), happiness, and wellbeing studies. ISQOLS has members all throughout positioned in academic institutions as well as stakeholder groups, and are well-respected for their contributions to QoL. As such, an official certification would be beneficial to anyone who wants to apply psychological science of wellbeing to guide academic research projects, policy making, managerial decision-making, population statistics, and/or coaching and counseling.

The principle benefits you will obtain from the certification course are:

  • a philosophical and academic foundation of much of the research on wellbeing and positive mental health, showing the beneficial effects of happy people at work, in terms of health, and to society at large;
  • understanding how sociocultural factors, income factors, other demographic factors, and biological and health conditions influence wellbeing and positive mental health;
  • knowledge of how individuals process information from their objective environment, and how they manipulate this information to influence wellbeing and positive mental health;
  • insights into how psychology of wellbeing applies to various life domains and special populations such as women, children, and elderly;
  • a foundation in theories and models of wellbeing and positive mental health that integrate and unify disparate concepts and programs of research.

This course is administered by a world-renowned QoL researcher, Dr. M. Joseph Sirgy. All the webinars will be available for the student to review, and they will additionally gain access to the textbook, an excellent resource, at a discounted price from Springer.

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