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ISQOLS Webinar, "The Wellbeing Driven Economy - A new economic system (paradigm), based on technology"

  • 12 Apr 2023
  • 12:00 PM (EDT)
  • Online Webinar


  • The webinar is free for all participants.

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The Wellbeing Driven Economy -

A new economic system (paradigm), based on technology



9:00am PDT/noon EDT/6:00pm CEST

I was crazy 12 years ago, but I recovered (as much as I could). Now, I want to propose a new economic system (paradigm), based on technology. After suffering, on my own, how does it feel to strongly lose wellbeing, I am exploring alternatives to improve our wellbeing in a broad sense, while taking care of the environment; in that process, I came to propose “The Wellbeing Driven Economy”. “The Wellbeing Driven Economy” combines, in a first approach: Life sciences, Technology (e.g. Artificial Intelligence), and Economics. It’s not socialism, it’s not capitalism, it’s something new… There is a book available on Amazon; and a research proposal in an advanced state. “The Wellbeing Driven Economy” could be considered: 1) A post-growth economy, 2) A beyond GDP economy, 3) A stakeholder economy, 4) A video for democracy, instead of just a photo on elections day, and 5) A system that serves everyone! (and leaves no one behind). It should be not a revolution, but a revolutionary evolution, aiming for the best economic system that has ever existed: A system that finds the best possible way for society to improve its own wellbeing. I really hope we can make a positive contribution to society, unleashing human potential, to enable us all to thrive, and flourish, enjoying healthy, and fulfilling lives. Register here:

The Wellbeing Driven Economy facebook group:

The Wellbeing Driven Economy book on Amazon:

(Just look for "The Wellbeing Driven Economy" at your favorite Amazon site)


Dr. Fernando Andrés Sánchez González, MSc. is a "society, science, business, and tech enthusiast exploring alternatives to improve our wellbeing!" This is his passion, this is his cause.

Fernando was the typical good guy, who went to school, did his bachelor, his master, and his PhD; that always tried to work at his best, that tried the entrepreneurship path, that was just trying to do the right thing, but even so, suffered a lot, got seriously sick, and was not able to find his happiness and his wellbeing.

He is the kind of man who always has a personal and a professional project on his life. Around 2018-2019, moved by a strong will to improve his wellbeing, and others' wellbeing as well, he started to dedicate his free time to explore alternatives to improve our wellbeing, even when at that time the goal was not that clear to him. When he found that "the economy is the system that 'makes, and keeps, us happy'", he got really into economics, because he wanted to understand: how is that the economy 'makes, and keeps, us happy'? Afterwards, he learned artificial intelligence on his own. Then, by combining: "Life Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, and Economics", he came to propose "The Wellbeing Driven Economy". "The Wellbeing Driven Economy" is not socialism, is not capitalism, it's something new!

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