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ISQOLS WEBINAR:"Character Strengths and Participation in Sport/Physical Activity to Promote Positive Ageing"

  • 3 Aug 2020
  • 7:00 AM (PDT)
  • Online Webinar


  • The webinar is free for all participants.

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"Character Strengths and Participation in Sport/Physical Activity to Promote Positive Ageing"


7:00 AM

Pacific Time/

2:00 PM (14:00)

Greenwich Mean Time GMT



The aim of research is to investigate whether an intervention programme encourages ‘non-active’ adults to participate in regular sport and/or physical activity in relation to their character strengths. Character strengths are what are unique and authentic to everyone, such as love, gratitude and appreciation of beauty, and as a result, it is these that will encourage participation in activities that are found to be enjoyable and could lead to flow experiences. Such activities can therefore help to lead to greater health, well-being and eudaimonic happiness.

Presented by:Dr Urszula Wolski 

Dr Urszula Wolski is an Associate Lecturer at Buckinghamshire New University. Her research interests are in new technologies for social research, qualitative research methods and software, the sociology of sport and Positive Psychology. Current research within the Sociology of Sport is looking at gender inequalities within tennis coaching roles. Previous research within the field of Positive Psychology looked at the integration of character strengths and mindfulness for achieving flow in tennis performance and current research is examining the relationship between character strengths and participation in sport and physical activity to promote positive ageing.

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