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26 Feb 2023 5:43 PM | Jill Johnson (Administrator)

Handbook of Positive Youth Development. Advancing Research, Policy and Practice Applications in a Global Context, Springer

2022 Outstanding Social Policy Book Award by the Society for Research in Adolescence

2022 Ursula Gielen Global Psychology Book Award, American Psychological Association, APA by the International Psychology Division (52) to the authors of the book that makes the most significant contribution to psychology as a global discipline.


This handbook examines positive youth development (PYD) in youth and emerging adults from an international perspective. It focuses on large and underrepresented cultural groups across six continents within a strengths-based conception of adolescence that considers all youth as having assets. The volume explores the ways in which developmental assets, when effectively harnessed, empower youth to transition into a productive and resourceful adulthood. The book focuses on PYD across vast geographical regions, including Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, North America, and Latin America as well as on strengths and resources for optimal well-being. The handbook addresses the positive development of young people across various cultural contexts to advance research, policy, and practice and inform interventions that foster continued thriving and reduce the chances of compromised youth development. It presents theoretical perspectives and supporting empirical findings to promote a more comprehensive understanding of PYD from an integrated, multidisciplinary, and multinational perspective.




Radosveta Dimitrova, PhD2

Associate Research Scholar

Docent, Associate Professor of Psychology

Department of Psychology

Stockholm University

Stockholm, Sweden


The International Society for
Quality-of-Life Studies

P.O. Box 118
Gilbert, Arizona, 85299, USA


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