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Valuing What Matters in Urban Areas: A dialogue on quality of life with local government and academia

2 May 2024 8:27 PM | Jill Johnson (Administrator)

How has the concept of quality of life evolved over the years, and even more recently in the face of disruptive change and challenges? Can quality of life help put people back at the center of sustainable development? How can subjective experiences, priorities, and aspirations be used to inform urban interventions? 


Join us for this online panel discussion, co-organized by UN-Habitat and the University of Buenos Aires, to dig into these questions and many others. We will first hear the experience of how one major metropolitan area - Buenos Aires - is working to provide a better quality of life for the individuals and communities there. A distinguished panel of academics from around the world will then have a chance to react and discuss, unpacking some of the recommendations which they have put forward in a recently released position paper for the global community.


This unique dialogue between academics and local leaders will be a chance to see the interaction between theory and practice, to understand what kinds of tools and knowledge are needed to provide a more fulfilling, resilient lived experience for individuals in cities around the world. 

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