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*ISQOLS Community: Your Input Requested! Collaboration: Daily Global Happiness Monitor

22 Aug 2019 2:10 PM | Jill Johnson (Administrator)

Dalia Research is launching the first-ever daily global happiness monitor: everyday we ask thousands of people in over 50 countries around the world how happy they are, generating the world’s largest continuous dataset on global happiness. Our goal is to help organizations, researchers and governments better understand the well-being of countries around the world in real-time, as events ranging from elections, sports, financial crashes, extreme weather, conflicts and new technologies send ripple effects around the globe. In doing so, we hope to prioritize happiness as the guiding indicator for national well-being and policy-making.

Call to action for researchers: 

Dalia Research has the technology to run this global survey, but we need advice from the happiness science community. Our currently methodology is a first attempt - we are still flexible and ready to take advice from the research community to change the design to make it as useful as possible. Please keep in mind that the final data will be open source, and free to researchers and the public in general, so your help will translate into a better dataset and more value for everyone interested in happiness measurements. 

Specifically, we are looking to answer the following questions:

1) In what ways is tracking happiness levels around the world on a daily basis valuable for the research community? What could it be used for? 

2) Imagine you could build a happiness tracker. What survey question would you use to measure happiness? Would you include any other additional variables, or is external data on political events enough?

Please send your responses to: 

Frederick DeVeaux

About usDalia Research is a Berlin-based public opinion company that distributes surveys to millions of people around the world through apps/websites on their internet devices. 

Methodology: The current methodology for the Global Happiness Monitor (it may be subject to change depending on the feedback we get) is the following:

We ask a nationally representative sample of 200 respondents in each country everyday. 

The survey question is borrowed from Gallup: Did you experience any of the following emotions a lot yesterday? (Anger, Happiness, Sadness, Stress, Worry, Physical Pain, Enjoyment, None of the above)

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