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Call for Papers - Special Issue ' Philanthropy and Community Well-Being for the International Journal of Community Well-Being Published by Springer

18 Feb 2020 9:01 AM | Jill Johnson (Administrator)

Call for Papers - Special Issue ' Philanthropy and Community Well-Being for the International Journal of Community Well-Being Published by Springer,

We are happy to announce a forthcoming special issue on Philanthropy and Community Well-Being.

Guest Editors: Patsy Kraeger, Ph.D., Georgia Southern University Rhonda G. Phillips, Ph.D., FAICP, Purdue University

Background: There is recognition that community well-being is of increasing importance and concern to those who work in and study philanthropy from scholarly and practitioner perspectives. This special issue would enable more attention and scholarship to an important area of inquiry.

The impact of philanthropy on community well-being will be explored from both objective and subjective measures in communities, public policy, and community partnerships and other related areas. We seek to explore measures of community well-being for the role of philanthropic institutions and communities served in the US and globally. Finally, the goal of the special issue is to bring together both cutting-edge scholarship and practice that addresses and enhances community well-being and the practice of philanthropy. We seek papers which examine the intersection of philanthropy and community well-being from single or multidisciplinary approaches.

Potential contributions: We invite researchers studying any aspect of building community well-being and philanthropy to contribute to the special issue. The types of papers may include: • Theory building • Empirical research studies • Case studies or ethnographies

We are seeking original articles (max. 7,000 words, all inclusive).

Submission guidelines:

Timeline: • March 31, 2020: Deadline for Proposals from potential contributors (see below) • September 30, 2020: Manuscript submission deadline • December 31, 2020: First decisions regarding submitted manuscripts • March 31, 2021: Revised manuscript submission deadline

Proposals: The proposal should be a word document containing the following: (a) manuscript title (which may change), (b) the names, affiliations, and emails of authors, and (c) a proposal (~500 words) of the planned contribution that includes: a summary of the key issues and/or research questions the paper will address and its relevance to the special issue. For empirical papers, information should also be provided on the sample, methods, measures/variables, and results.

Submit your abstracts to: Patsy Kraeger, Ph.D. to

The Guest Editors are happy to answer questions about the scope of the special issue and the potential fit of a manuscript. Authors who do not submit a brief proposal by March 31, 2020 may still submit a full manuscript by the September 30, 2020 deadline (however, we cannot guarantee full consideration of these submissions).

Full manuscripts will be submitted to the IJCWB through the journal’s online submission system and will be subject to double-blind peer review. We do not guarantee eventual publication of all manuscripts.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to receiving your proposal!

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