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Connection Lab meta-analysis on the relationship between mindfulness and meaning.

8 Sep 2020 8:57 AM | Jill Johnson (Administrator)

Dear Colleagues,

Connection Lab is finishing up a meta-analysis on the relationship between mindfulness and meaning. We are hoping to gather any remaining data on this relationship that has not yet been published. This includes both correlational and experimental research.

For correlational data, we are interested in correlations between mindfulness and meaning measures. For each variable, we would like to know the measure, its alpha, and the n sample size associated with the correlation. If you gathered data across time, we are interested in the correlation between time 1 mindfulness and time 2 meaning.

For experimental data, we are asking for a description of the mindfulness intervention used, the meaning measure used, and pre/post sample sizes, alphas, means, and SD's for each group's meaning. We would also like to know if participants were randomly assigned to conditions and what the conditions were.

For all studies, we would also appreciate it if you could provide the mean age, percent of women participants in the sample, and the data collection country.

Of course, we will cite your data/paper in our reporting.

If this does not apply to you could you forward this email to your colleagues who might have this type of research?

Thank you for your time and help.


Julia Langer, MHS

Connection Lab


Julia Langer, MHS

Research Associate

Connection Lab

The International Society for
Quality-of-Life Studies

P.O. Box 118
Gilbert, Arizona, 85299, USA


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